2018, Postcards: European Year of Cultural Heritage





    We have prepared two postcards:

    1) On the left: MariaChiara took photo of Convent of Capuchin friars in Chiaravalle C.le.

    Because in Chiaravalle there was a tradition in silk production, we put a photo of a centuries-old 

    mulberry tree in the small photo (the tree is in Chiaravalle countryside). This picture was taken by prof. Rosalba.

    2) On the right: Valeria took picture of spinning mill complex that is located in San Vito, her hometown.

    Cristian took a photo of two ancient spindles that my collegue and I brought from home.

    My spindle (prof. Aurora) belonged to my grandmother.


    With picsart app, Giuseppe has assembled pictures and created postcards. After printing them, Pasqualina and Valeria wrote them and all signed them. Postcards are ready to be send now! 



    Here, all postcards reveived from Partners. What an emotion! It was a beautiful and engaging task for our students! We also decided to stick them on a panel, as our Romanian partner did. Students did panel during lesson with my collegue Rosalba.





    Hi partners ! We used some photos taken by the students during our Fête des Lumières, which takes place every year on december 8th.

    The first one shows the Theatre of Celestins, the second one the fountain of Jacobins transformed into a clockwork, and the third one the equestrian statue of Louis the 14th, amid flowers of light, in the middle of the Place Bellecour.


    We also used  some pictures of Lyon, such as the Musée des Confluences, which is the newest museum in Lyon, at the confluence of the Rhône and the Saône ; and the panorama of our city, viewed from the hill of Fourvière, showing the Saône, cathedral Saint Jean and the CBD of La Part-Dieu.


    In the background of the following picture is the hill of Croix-Rousse, where silk weavers used to work. The last picture shows Olivia, Bérénice and Alyssa thinking about the plan of their postcard.










    Here you have the two postcards we send you before Christmas. There you can see two historical buildings of our town.

    The first one is the Hermitage of Saint Antoni Abad. During the last weekend of January we celebrate the festivity of Saint Antoni Abad doing a bonfire. Moreover the pets are blessed carrying on the tradition.

    The second one is the Church of the town called Beata Ines. Beata Ines is the Saint patron of Beniganim. 21st of January here is celebrated a procession to adore it.

    Both postcards were made by my students in www.fotoefectos.es Before edit it we took the photos on Wednesday 20th of December.

    In the third photo you can see the students that participates in this eTwinning project (from left to right): Armand, Vicent, Guille, Andreu, Aaron, Victor, Miguel, Christian, Dani, Nieves, Salva & Alba. Correos is the national postoffice of Spain where you have to go if you want to send letters, postcards or similar writtings.



    Cultural Heritage:

    Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year !!! The postcards were sent by traditional mail on 22 December.

    With love from the Lithuanian team: Ana, Patricija, Lukas, Aiste, Valentas, Laura, Mykole. 

    Dear partners,
    here is the final of Xmas greetings for Lithuania: all in all we have received wonderful cards from Italy, France (Lyon), France (Lycee Paul Hazard), Spain, Romania. A lot of thanks from Kauno S. Dariaus ir S. Gireno gimnazija !!!