9. eTwinningDay

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    Here we are! Italy:

    Tableau vivant of “Weaver near an open window” of Vincent Van Gogh.
    Matteo at the loom of the Silk Museum of San Floro (CZ), Italy 

    Giuseppe manipulated the photo using a smartphone app (picsart).

    We shared pictures on the padlet


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    Here we are: Lithuania

    The White Gallery („Balta galerija“)

    This particular gallery takes big part in promoting textile and other kinds of arts in Kaunas, Lithuania and abroad.


    We shared the photo on the padlet:



    And Alicante (Spain) are here too!

    We also shared on the padlet https://padlet.com/assi_honkanen/th1iipjfwn8p?v=0

    Title: THE GREAT CAT

    Girl knitting Albert Anken Private Collection painting with girls and cats.

    Author: ALBERT ANKEN

    His paintings are characterized by the realism, customs and manners.

    He was at the same time with Pierre-Auguste Renoir in the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts of Paris.