1. Let's meet, connecting by clothes!




    Nov. 28-Dec.15



    Each partner takes a photo of pupils (better if in small groups). In the photo, each student must wear a garment that he/she likes very much. On these photos, each student puts her/his name and description.

    In his/her description, the student has to reply to these questions:

    -What is your name?

    -How old are you?

    -Why do you like the garment? What fabric is it made of? Where did you buy it? Was it cheap or expensive?

    -What is your personality? Describe your personality, please.

    • use 1 adjective that starts with a letter of your name;
    • use 1 adjective that starts with the first letter of fibre or the name of your garment .

    -What are your hobbies?

    -What do you want to be? (when you grow up…)

    -Have you ever been on holidays abroad? Where?


    To do this, we will use “Thinglink”.

    We put photos in subpage "We and the garment which we like very much!" 

    Jan 26-

    Febr. 28 

    We make 10 multi-national teams in subpage "Multinational Teams". In each team, we put some students of each partner.

    1) Within the team, each student must look for if in his wardrobe he/she keeps a garment similar to that of the other foreign mate. “Similar” can have a broad meaning:  the garment of his/her wardrobe must have an affinity with that of the other student has chosen for the photo.

    At the end, none has to remain uncoupled.

    For example: there are 4 students (A, B, C, D).

    A found that he/she has a garment similar to C.

    C found that he/she has a garment similar to B.

    B found that he/she has a garment similar to D.

    D found that he/she has a garment similar to A.

    2) So that no one remains unmatched, the students should interact!

    We create a forum for each team. In the forum, students have to interact with each other and explain why the garments are similar. So that the interaction proceeds, we could name 2 teamleader for each team.

    Each team must create at the end a list like that:

    A has a garment similar to that favourite of C.

    B has a garment similar to… and so on.

    Of course, students have to reply to whom write them.

    3) Students take a photo of their “similar” garment and upload them in the folder “similar garments” labelling photo with his/her name, teammate name, name of garment.

    For example "MariaAnna_Victor_jumper". 

    This image will be his/her profile pictures in TwinSpace.