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During this project the participating students from the partner countries introduce themselves, their schools and their towns and countries. They will cooperate on compiling a questionnaire on each other's reading habits and preferences, demonstrate their findings and will compare it with the other partner countries' results. Afterwards, ...

Student exchange in Spain

The 1st student exchange programme was organised in Tomellos, Spain 22-26 February 2016, and it was an unforgettable experience for all participants. We spent a wonderful week together. Each partner represented their schools with 5 students and two teachers, so there were 35 foreign guests in the Spanish partner school for a week!

We took part in great programmes.


At the beginning of the meeting, the students presented their schools, towns and countries to their peers in the form of presentations and videos.

The Hungarian presentation:

The Turkish presentation:


The Croatian presentation:


The Lithuanian presentation:

about the town:

about the country:


The Italian presentation:


Also, the students had collected materials about chosen national classical and a contemporary writers and shared the information with the others in the form of interesting presentations using tools such as Powerpoint and Prezi.

The information about the national authors:

Presentations given by students:

Lithuanisan presentations:

Turkish presentations:

Italian presentations:

Croatian presentations:


Hungarian presentations:


Students also took part in interactive workshops where they compiled electronic booklets of the materials they had collected beforehand. For this workshop, cooperative teaching techniques were employed, which also enabled the participating teachers to get a glimpse of this teaching methods which is widely used in th epartner school.

Lesson plan for the workshop:

We also visited the local library of Tomelloso and we also had an opportunity to go to the regional library of La Mancha in Toledo.

Naturally, we also took part in school trips. We went to madrid where we explored the Literary Quarter with the help of an interactive worksheet. It was really informative and interesting.

The worksheet we used:

We went to the local Agriculturaé museum to look at a traditional 'Bombo'.

We also paid a visit to the local winery, which is the biggest winery in Europe. We got acquainted with the production of wine and we also visited a local traditional wine cellar.

We had a wonderful week together and we are looking forward to meeting again in Hungary in April!!!

Italian students' diary about the exchange programme:

Some more photos about the meeting:

The minutes of the teachers' meeting. We have agreed on the following terms:



Author: Agnes Jasso
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