READ in Europe

During this project the participating students from the partner countries introduce themselves, their schools and their towns and countries. They will cooperate on compiling a questionnaire on each other's reading habits and preferences, demonstrate their findings and will compare it with the other partner countries' results. Afterwards, ...

Creative writing competition

During the second project year we have a creative writing competition for all students. They will complete a total of 10 ceóreative writing tasks and the submitted pieces will be assessed according to jointly created assessment grid. The best pieces are regularly published and at the end of the year there will be both national and project-level winners.

Creative writing task 1:

First Name Poem Write a poem about yourself. The first letters of the lines must produce your first name. You can use adjectives only and linking words like and, but, etc. or adverbs like sometimes, never, mainly etc.

The best submissions:




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The pieces submitted by students:



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