READ in Europe

During this project the participating students from the partner countries introduce themselves, their schools and their towns and countries. They will cooperate on compiling a questionnaire on each other's reading habits and preferences, demonstrate their findings and will compare it with the other partner countries' results. Afterwards, ...

Logo competition

Each participating country has organised the logo competition for the project on national levels and has chosen the logo they enter to the international competition. After this the participating students voted for the logo they would like to have for the project and after calculating the points we have got the final results:

1st place is for the Italian logo, which has been selected unanimously by all partners with a total of 50 points, which is the maximum score:

The 2nd place is for the Hungarian logo with a total of 36 points:

There was a draw in the 3rd place as Croatia, Spain and Lithuania received 28 points from their partners:

Croatian logo:

Spanish logo:

Turkish logo:


Author: Agnes Jasso
Last editor: Rita Bruno