READ in Europe

During this project the participating students from the partner countries introduce themselves, their schools and their towns and countries. They will cooperate on compiling a questionnaire on each other's reading habits and preferences, demonstrate their findings and will compare it with the other partner countries' results. Afterwards, ...

Our Shakespeare experience

In order to commemorate the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death we have launched a series of activities to learn more about this extraordinary author.
To begin with we ask everyone to write words or anything that comes to their mind in connection with Shakespeare:

Our next step is collecting our famous Shakespeare quotations on a common Padlet wall. We invite everyone to share his/her favourite Shakespeare quotation with us either in text or in picture form.

Here is a video about Shakespeare's life and the time he lived in. Watch it and answer the questions while listening:





Students have voted to read "Midsummer Night's Dream" together. The graded version can be read here.

Quizlet set for practising vocabulary.

Some language activities about the 1st part of the book:


Language activities for the 2nd part: Reading comprehension activities:
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