READ in Europe

During this project the participating students from the partner countries introduce themselves, their schools and their towns and countries. They will cooperate on compiling a questionnaire on each other's reading habits and preferences, demonstrate their findings and will compare it with the other partner countries' results. Afterwards, ...

Project results

Onenote link for teaching materials compiled as project results:!572&authkey=!AIJom-0H1b1BOiw&ithint=onenote%2c

During the project activities we have prepared the following materials:

- e-book compiled by students about our national Classical and Contemporary authors:

- Our European bookshelf: another booklet compiled by students about the national classical and contemporary authors:


- Common teaching materials used during the Joint teacher training event in Lithuania:

- The Canterville Ghost:

The  activities compiled by the teachers:

The activities completed by students:

Posters made about the European Union:

An activity bank compiled for Europe-Day:

Quiz about the partner countries:



We continuously create language activities for non-formal classes using LearningApps.
We also use Quizlet for creating learning materials.
The play students jointly wrote and acted out:
All 6 issues of our project newspaper jointly written and edited by students:

Author: Agnes Jasso
Last editor: Agnes Jasso