Group presentations

  • In this table, post your group presentations and the quizzes about your presentations. You can decide to present your group the way you want: comic strip, recording, video, text, poem, drawing, or whatever you think of. Post a quizz to make sure that your partners have watched your presentation. If you want to know more about your partners or if you just want to react to their presentations, don't hesitate to ask questions in the forum (each group has a thread). Each group can post their documents themselves in the table. Just click on EDIT and fill in the table. To post a document, you first need to put it in the materials and then attach it by clicking on the paper clip above.


    gp France ITALY SPAIN 1 SPAIN 2 Portugal
      Presentation Presentation Presentation Presentation Presentation

    Paul and Yanis

    French quizz group 1

    Celeste, Matilde and Sara

    Italian quizz group 1

    Kepa, Iraia and Joseba

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    QUIZ about our presentation

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    Yann and Enki

    French quizz group 2

    Diego, Francesca S.and  Francesca V.
    (from left to right)


    Italian quizz goup 2

    Eder, Maitena and Mikel

    This is our QUIZ

    Daniel y Nacho



    Thibault and Mathis


    Valentina, Elisa and Ludovica

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    Garikoitz, Uxue M. and Irene


    Samy y Alberto




    Damien and Naël


    French quizz group 4


    Janire T., Victor, Ana

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    Ines y Raquel


    Emile and Clément


    French group 5

    Samuele, Federico and Edoardo M.

    Marina, Aritz, Eneko G and JanireT.

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    French quizz group 6


    Asier, Nereida, Iraitz, Eneko

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    Assma , Joey and Anna

    French group 7





    Rubén, Jone, Helena, Ekaitz

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    Duarte and Daniel


    Alessandro and Martino


    Italian quizz group 8

    Fatima, Iker, Garbiñe, Gabriel

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    Gwenaelle, Léane and Manon

    French quizz group 8

    Lorenzo, Domenico and Edoardo D.


    Italian quizz group 9

    Xabier, Borja, Ane and Uxue M

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