Group 5

  • Choose a colour to start the story. at the end of your writing, write 3 words for your partners to include in the next part. Each country will use a different colour.

    The story began in a small village of Bilbao in Spain a long time ago. The village was in the countryside, next to a big and dark forest. The houses were old and small, and there were a lot of narrow alleys. In the center of the village, there was a small church with a cemetery next to the forest. In a field, there was a wooden cabin with a chimney which smoked all the time. This cabin was the house of a woman, who was called Rosa. She was pretty young and beautiful. She always wore a white dress. The villagers were suspicious because they thought  that she was a witch. She didn't have family except for her son : Edward.

    Edward was a teenager who lived in the street and who stole money and jewels. He was angry against his mother so he had left the house some time ago.
    In Bilbao
    , all the villagers knew a mysterious old man, who was a scientist when he was young. He was called Dr Leiche and he was totally crazy and blind. His house was also his laboratory, and nobody knew which crazy experiments he did inside.

    One night, Edward went to his mother’s house, and he knocked on the door….


    3 words to include in the story : scientist, magic trick, dead

    ...when the door was knocked his mother saw Edward very changed. They started talking some time and Edward´s mum told the boy that his father had died some days before; Edward was very affected and he called his scientific friend Oliver to make a trick to resurrect his dad.Oliver was a famous scientist who resurrected a lot of animals but he had never made it with a person.


    When Oliver thought about the idea he found it very exciting and he liked the idea and the responsibility of resurrecting a person. So the next day they started with the resurrecting process, they wanted to resurrect Edward´s dad in less that 5 days. They knew that it was very difficult but they hoped to do it.


    Hungry, magical cookie, changes


    To save Edward's father, they went in Oliver's father's laboratory. His father was an old scientist who was called : Dr Leiche. He had a big room to try crazy experiments. In the laboratory they found a time machine. They made a magical cookie, with some wild flower, frog drool and pumkins juice ;to prevent the death of Edward's father. They went back in time with the time machine and they went to Edward's father's house. Edward gave the magical cookie to his father who was very hungry because he had not a lot of food. Edward changed the future because his father ate the cookie so he did not die. Edward and Oliver returned at the present, and Edward's father was still alive. Edward and his parents brought back together and they lived together in a big house.