Group 7

  • Choose a colour to start the story. at the end of your writing, write 3 words for your partners to include in the next part. Each country will use a different colour.

    The story that you will read is incredible and magical. Maybe you will believe at believed in these heros, or not....

    It is up to you to decide!

    Once upon a time in 4th street Abraham Lincoln in London more than hundred disapearences of people  . The story started in Summer 2012 when Flora Arboles a gardener of 16 years old worked in the florist. She was thin, much tall with brown weavy hair and emerald eyes . She had a secret. She could control the plants, flowers and make them grew up.

    She went to a library and saw a fight between Ariana Robinson a student of 17 years old with curly brown hair and ocean eyes with the control of attracted the metal and John Clarckson a rocker of 18 years old with a strong body . He dressed like a gothic and could make electricity.

    She arrived and stoped them with her powers . She made grow up plants to truss Ariana and John.

    It was at that time that they understood that they aren't the only ones with magical powers and became friends.

    Until that Winter 2014 when there were those strange  disapearances .  Flora, Ariana and John, the trio FAJ decided to find what happend.

    The villain, Party- Breaker, was very angry, but he had a reason to be a villain: when he was a child, nobody went to his 10 years birthday party because he hadn’t any friends ( he was literally abandoned), so he decided to be a villain to ruin all the parties which he was not invited.-

    Although he was very evil, he just wanted to be invited to a party, but as anybody know anything about his past, it didn’t happen.

    Party- Breaker continue doing evil things and everybody was worried ‘cause he ruin all their parties and they were not having fun.

    One day which Party- Breaker was very angry, he decided to create a device to ruin all the parties of the world at the same time for end with all happiness of the world.

    He decided to kidnap all the people who were doing a party one day after it and threw them in a jail .

    It was the terror, nobody dared made a party or go to the party. They all had the fear to be kidnaped by the evil Party-Breaker.

    The trio FAJ had an idea. It was crazy but clever. The plan was to make a party to attract the vilain and stop him. And like this could captured him.

    The party took place in John's house. All was there to pretend that it was a party : music, drinks, food, people... They were waiting when suddenly Party-Breaker appeared by the chimney and said " I'm Party-Breaker and I will break your party". Just a few seconds later, he caught Flora by the arm and took her in the roof. John and Ariana ran to her. Once time in the roof, the fight started.

    Flora made a huge whirl of leaves to save herself from the evil and Party-Broker protected himself with an electronic shield. Ariana attracted the weapon's evil except the shield. The evil became nervous and hurt John with the shield.

    John knocked an electric shot toward the vilan but unfortunallly it was return to FAJ and Arianna was falling on the floor when Flora caught her with a flower.

    The trio gathered all there powers and created a giant ball made of metal by Ariana , prickles by Flora and electricty by John. They pitched it to Party-Broker and feel covered by blood.

    He was defeatist and tell his story to FAJ.

    The trio said to him that he needed to have friends and they will be there friends. At first he didn't want or like this idea but at the end...

    Then he promised that he never will restart sabotage parties and he released all the people he locked away. And he became very happy.