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    GROUP 1

    Our story happens in Spain (Bilbao), in a school of a small village called Gueñes. The story happens in the spring of 2001, on a Sunday evening. The weather, is cloudy and windy. There isn´t anybody in the street, and Nicolas , is alone in the middle of the road, everything around him is different for him, he had never been in that place before. There are very big buildings too, but there isn´t any light inside them. When he spun around, he appreciate that not too far away there was the sea. As he felt alone, he closed his eyes thinking that it was just a nightmare, and suddenly, a very strong smell of the sea came to him.


    Nicolas is looking for Daphnée but he can´t find her anywhere.

    He is desperate because he is afraid of never seen her again.

    Suddenly, while he is trying to find Daphnée he hears a voice, of a young boy.

    The boy´s name is Brice, as they are alone in the world, they are going to try to find Daphnée and to find the solution of that situation.
    GROUP 2

    All of this happened in the south of Dublin, near the countryside, where a big castle emerged from nowhere. Constructed in the XVI century the atmosphere there was quite mysterious, like something really bad happened there. It was noticeable even from the nearings, the inhabitants there were really religious, and the life there was so time-tabled, nothing special used to happen. But all that changed when two foreign people arrived. Both of those were easily recognised by their curious way of looking. The boy, who was the youngest one was probably British, due to his refined manners. He was not as tall as the vast majority of men. The girl was blonde as the sun and she had wrinkles in her face.


    Both of whom would be involved in a great adventure to save Dr. Cumberback, who passed away due to a failed experiment, from August to New Year’s Eve some unexpected events will happen in the castle and these two characters want to get to the bottom of this unsolved mystery.

    The deep stench of the castle old pipelines made our characters feel sick, but they kept investigating to save the Dr’s life.

    GROUP 3

    In 2017, they are in a small  wooden house which is situated in a  northern English’s forest. This small house is situated between two mountains and there are a lot of trees.The landscape is snowy because they are in winter. Near, there is a small town. The people who live in that town are very poor and they are farmers. They cultivate potatoes, carrots and onions because the climate is cold and it is rainy. But, our main characters have money and they don’t work. They are in this house because they are running away from the government. They know a secret that only the government knows.

    GROUP 4

    Our story happens in Sopelana in a little town in Basque Country. The story will happen in the summer of 2016. As it is summer, the weather is sunny, hot and nice. There are a lot of people in the street, everybody is happy and smiling. Sopelana is a place where there is a beautiful big beach where many tourists and people spent their time there. There are more or less 13.000 people who are of all ages: babies, teenagers, children, adults and old people.

    Near the beach there are a lot of houses, and our main characters lives in one of these houses. The house  where the family lives, it´s green. Around the house there is a brown fence.  Inside this house, there is a very big kitchen and small bedrooms. The house is full of pictures and photos of the family. Sopelana  very beautiful town and it has got big and fantastic beaches that many people visit every year.
    GROUP 5

    Our story WILL TAKE place in Bilbao,  in February of 2017.  Bilbao is one of the biggest cities in the Basque Country.

    The weather in the Basque Country is usually rainy and cloudy, and the temperature is very cold; so our characters are wearing a lot of clouds.

    The population is very happy and they are having fun with the small quantity of snow that has fallen.

    The landscape is green, with a lot of puddles,there is also a bit of snow and our characters are having fun with it.

    The both boys really want to play and watch football so they decided to go to San Mames  to watch a football match between Athletic and Barcelona.  But our girl doesn’t like football TOO much so, she decided to go shopping to a very famous mall in Bilbao and Basque Country: The Gran Via. They decided to meet again at 23.00 in the San Mames stadium, to go to sleep.
    GROUP 6 It’s the year 2016.We are in USA (Washington D.C.) there are a lot of people walking in the streets around the shops,going to work ,watching monuments,museums… Now we are next to the some schools and there are a lot of adults who are waiting to give their vote to choose the new president from the United States of America.The last two candidates are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.Everybody is very nervous to know who is going to be the new president. Next to the school there is a playground with kids playing and I can see two dogs playing in group with only one ball.Everybody looks happy but also very nervous with the final results about the presidence.
    GROUP 7 It’s 2010 and we are in UK (United Kingdom), in a city called London. Here, in Oxford Street, we can enjoy the wonderful views of the urban city. It’s not raining a lot, but it’s very cold, about 2ºC. Although there is no sun, it is still early, and the beauty of the city can still be contemplated. Our house is no different from the others in the neighborhood, except for that smell of cakes that comes from the bakery next door. But the most amazing is the landscape that you see through your window. Far away, in a field,  there is a farm, and further afield, three mountains. The town hall is not far from your house. There, mayors and politicians discuss the political and social situation of the city, which right now is a constitutional monarchy.
    GROUP 8

    This story took place in Russia.The story took place in 2017.Rubchinskiy and his friend Superbook were on a  trip in the Russian mountains.These two friends were on a trip in the mountain.


    It was very dark,cold and those friends were lost on the mountain.Urax was creature who had green skin and brown hair.These creature found the two lost friends in the mountain.He carried them to his cavern and he gave them food.The next day Urax made this two friends his prisoners and tried to cook them in a oven.

    But then, some persons appear in the mountain and saw Urax. Then, that people starts to run and the two friends take advantage of Urax was distracted. The two friends hit Urax and starts to run. Then they live happily and they didn’t see Urax again.
    GROUP 9

    This story starts in 2125, the world has been invaded by the zombies, the first case was Trico, the scientists were proving vaccines with him to cure the cancer but his body refuses it and he becames it a virus


    All this started in a laboratory of Berlin, apart of that we have some scientists of that laboratory, Aaron and Leila (Alias Mystia). They are surviving while searching a cure for that epidemic.


    In one of their searches in the laboratory looking for proofs about the virus, Trico appears and he attacks Aaron, leaving him a wound.


    They didn´t know if the wound could becaome Aaron zombie so they went to their refuge to protect themselves and for seek a cure for Aaron.

    The refuge was not very comfortable but they were safe there. The weather was another problem, because it was stormy all the day and they haven’t heating, neither windows so they were cold all the day.