Group 1

  • Choose a colour to start the story. at the end of your writing, write 3 words for your partners to include in the next part. Each country will use a different colour.


    in a beautiful day, Brice took a really good promotion. Now he worked with Nicolas a person who liked working in group. Nicolas was 23 years old. He had curly black hair and he was very tall. Nicolas liked football and was in love with Daphnée. He was very clever and friendly. All the girls liked him.

    Nicolas worked with Brice on the same desk. Before going to the toilet, Nicolas left his mobile phone on the table. Brice saw on the phone  Daphné's message for Nicolas . Brice answered in the place of Nicolas and said insults.Brice was 19 years old and he liked nothing. Brice was always sad he worked with Nicolas but he was poor. He had a very big stomach. Brice had short brown hair and little blue eyes. Brice dreamt of being a famous actor. Daphné was suprised and decided to leave him. Daphnée was 21 years old. She was a very friendly girl and she had a lot of friends. Daphnée didn't know Nicolas was in love with her. Daphnée liked horse riding and dancing with her friends. She had blue eyes and black hair. She was tall.

    Back from the toilets, Nicolas saw his mobile phone and was confused about her conversation...

    the 3 words: jealous, in love, mistakes.


    When Nicolas arrived from the toilet he saw a strange conversation on his mobile phone with Daphnée. He asked his partner Brice about it. Brice made him blush but he didn't answer his question.


    Nicolas started thinking that Brice was jealous of him because Nicolas usually talked with Daphnée by text messages and Brice didn't like it. As Daphnée felt bad about the messages that "Nicolas" have sent, she stopped talking to him. Nicolas got angry with Brice because he didn't want to lose Daphnée like a friend. He was in love with her.


    Nicolas explained everything that happened to Daphnée. Like Brice had made a lot of mistakes, Daphnée finished her relation with him. Finally, Nicolas and Daphnée resolved their problem and a month later they started a relationship like boy- and girl-friends. But, Daphnée didn´t feel confidence with Nicolas, that´s why she started investigating about Nicolas´s life.


    THREE WORDS:  Secrets, embarrasment and hospital


    Brice had a very big secret, he was quickly furious but he didn’t say it to try to get  friends. A day, Brice was speaking with Daphnée about his feelings and he was surpised by Nicolas. It was an embarrasing moment. Nicolas didn't agree that he stool his girl friend. They began to be angry and Nicolas hit Brice and he was hurt. Daphnée called the police and Brice went to the hospital. Later, Daphnée went to the hospital to speak with Brice about his health. She didn’t know that Nicolas was able to hurt with violence another boy. Finally, Daphnée broke up with Nicolas for his bad conduct. Now she spoke more with Brice than with Nicolas. Later, they could be together and fall in love…