7.2 Scientific interpretation - Group 4


    Fill in the table below (the 3rd column) and write up the scientific explanation of your partners'experiment. Your explanation must have been validated by your partners and your science teacher.

    Country Experiment Interpretation


    Initially, the temperature of the air inside the bottle was normal, 20 degrees. When they put the matches inside the bottle internal temperature has increased. They put the egg, the fire has been extinguished and the air cooled. As a result, the temperature is reduced internal air pressure is reduced. The external atmospheric pressure is greater than the inside, the egg goes down.

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    2nd revision. OK


    Spain 1

    (Pais Vasco)


    You put the coin under the glass. There was an optical illusion because of the refraction. Because the medium changed, there is  H2O which bend the light  of the coin.To see an object, a light ray has to come to our eyes, but when the ray pass into another medium (water), the ray's direction is modified by water. according to the eyes position. So, the ray reaches the eyes and we can't see the object (coin) because no ray can reach our eyes.


    N.Hoang (2nd revision)

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    by Spain 2 group 1

     With the flame still burning inside the cup, some of the water starts collecting inside the glass, coming in from outside, and when the flame goes off there is a much bigger gush of water into the glass. It is due because the preassure inside is lower.

    OK, The warm air expands, and the cold air contracts.

    ML Tibaldeschi