Awards, Move2Learn...and more!

  • MOVE2LEARN 2018: From Barakaldo to Brétigny

    As a result of the Quality Awards, our team from IES CRUCES, Barakaldo (Basque Country, Spain) got the opportunity of taking part into the MOVE2LEARN competition...and we were selected! Then, it was possible for some of these students to travel to actually meet some of the students who had worked with them on the project but who they only knew online. After a lot of work and preparation, this finally happened at Lycée Jean-Pierre Timbaud, at Brétigny-Sur-Orge, France on the 31st of January and 1st and 2nd of February 2018.


    You may have information of the Move2Learn programme here:

    And after our Move2Learn activity, our students wrote some of their impressions on our blog here:


    Outside our high schools

    The project received a recognising at the Erasmus+(2018) Day Meeting, organized by the Baque Government and held in Bilbao on the 28th January 2018.

    (Information about that meeting can be seen here:

    It has also received some attention from local media such as Levante (Valencia) and El Correo (Bilbao) newspapers.

    European Quality Labels (EQL): 

    The project was awarded the European Quality Label (25-10-2017)



    National Quality Labels (QL):

    This project has received the Spanish Quality Labels (Valencia 07-07-2017 and Barakaldo 11-07-2017), the French Quality Label (31-08-2017) and the Italian Quality Label (16-10-2017)