• PROJECT timetable  


    All the dates given are deadlines (in case of a problem, don’t forget to tell the partners).






    English class

    Science class


    June-Aug 2016

    Discussing plan


    25 September 2014

    Presentation of eTwinning / the Twinspace / the project

    Each class is divided into  groups. Students are registered on the project.

    Groups are made of different countries



    Icebreaking activities + team constitution + cross-cultural activities

    Each class prepares an advent calendar (beginning of the year) in which they put information about their country / region / school)


    Visio conference : each country prepares a kahoot about the information they put in the advent calendar for their partners

    tools to be used:

    Skype or or a tool provided by our school (France : I have tested it already and it works)



    Each group prepares a presentation of all the members of the group. They can decide the form of their presentation (wordcloud, pictures, texts, recordings). They send it to their partners along with an online game to test that their partners have actually watched the presentation.

    tools to be used:

    Tagul / wordle / emaze / …

    Learningapps for the game

    -The scientific method : question - hypothesis - carriyng out an experiment - observations - drawing a conclusion


    -Creating an online dictionary about physical experiments (images actives) in the 5 languages (English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese) All the countries should participate.

    Videoconference + kahoot + quizzes/competition


    tools to be used:

    Image active (crdp versailles)


    LOGO COMPETITION: any student can imagine the "PROJECT" Logo


    Then a vote is organized to choose the logo

    Voting for the best logo (the winner can get a small prize.)

    tool to be used:

    poll maker

    Choosing the experiments



    tool to be used:




    Writing stories (by groups) about science and magics (one country starts a story and gives one or two words to include in the next part , another one continues, etc …)


    tool to be used:


    issuu (to publish the story)

    Shooting the experiments (posted on Twinspace)

    Tool to be used

    Windows movie maker




    Partners explain the tricks (scientific explanations)

    on Edmodo



    Creation of an online interactive magazine gathering the science activities + what was done in the English class.

    tool to be used: