Group 6

  • Choose a colour to start the story. at the end of your writing, write 3 words for your partners to include in the next part. Each country will use a different colour.

           All began, in 2016, in the biggest city around the world. That day was very important because the American voted for their new president between Mister Trump and Mrs Clinton. In the street, there were a lot of people walking around the shops, going to work, watching monuments, museums. Everybody thought about that, the atmosphere was weird because the people were stressed to know the election’s result.

          In a workshop there was Mister Huguay. He was a small man, and a wise person. He was marked by time, he had lots of wrinkle. Huguay had a white beard and a long moustache which fell in his neck. Like the other people he watched the election on television. He was accompanied by his little-son who was called Willy. Willy was a teenager. He was 15 years old. He didn’t understand why Mister Huguay was very nervous and concerned because Willy didn’t take an interest in the news. All the time he read books, particulary the books in Huguay's bookcase but he didn’t read the newspapers.

           Willy was shy and he didn’t have a lot of friends. Willy wasn't tall and no very sporty. He had blue eyes and he had short blond hair. He had freckles on his cheeks. He had thin lips but his eyebrows were like Huguay's, they were a little massive. He loved to study physical chemistry. They had a particular link with Huguay because they shared a secret together. That secret was the existence of a strange animal. His name was Yenga. It was a fox but he had a large squirrel tail. Yenga had an orange and white fur. At the tips of muzzle and ears there were gold powder. His hearing and his smell were overdeveloped thanks to this gold powder whose origin was a mystery. His eyes were yellow-brown and phosphorescent. It moved gracefully and lightly. Yenga was very smart and crafty. He had known Huguay for 70 years. It was also affectionate with his master. It had a magic power, for example he could understand all languages, could control the fire and the ice. Mister Huguay shared his magical power with Yenga and Willy because he felt in them a good at heart.

    It was 8 o’clock pm the host said: - The new president is…


           Mike is the son of Donald Trump. He’s 15 years old. Mike has got a lot of time because he studies in his home, so he can travels around the world. Sometime he doesn´t agree with his father Donald's ideas and opinions but he still appreciating his dad. Mike likes doing friends but sometimes he´s shy because when he is going to talk, he started putting red his face and he thinks that people can laughing for his face.

    His hair is brown although his father is blond his mother has the hair very brown. His eyes are brown but if you are really near you can see that his eyes are brown and green in the middle like his father eyes. He doesn’t like his nose because Mike think that is very big and large, but sometimes he admits that he like all his body and this is important for all the people. When Mike  is going to wear clothes all his clothes are very light because in his opinion he is very happy and if one day he wear dark clothes like :Black, brown……. It’s because he has a very bad day or because Mike is sad.

            Since he was very small, he felt great interest in animals, and therefore, Mike decided adopt a baby dog who is called Puppy. When Mike was young, he decided to train him dog and years later, Puppy started to participate in very important competitions. His dog has won a lot of game shows!

    Besides, he is also very good at playing football. At the beginning, he started playing as a play but, over the years, he has converted in a great football player.


            Mike was Willy's best friend despite the social difference between them. They shared the same hobbies: playing video games and playing football together. Huguay was the manager of a club in the USA. During a sun day they played versus the best team of USA, THE GALACTIC. Yenga decided to transform him to a boy with the same age of Mike and Willy. Yenga was a goalkeeper and he could stop the ball just with his cerebral strength but just Huguay could see that. During the match, the score was 3-3, Mike scored two goals and Willy scored just one. During the extra time, it remained just one minute. Suddenly, Mike ran very fast on the left wing he crossed the ball to Willy. He jumped up to head the ball into the top corner… The football commentator said «Goaaaaaaaaaalll, wake up wake up Willy ».

    It was seven o’clock a.m. and Willy was sleeping. It was only a dream.