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    group 1 description

    Nicolas was 23 years old. He had curly black hair and he was very tall. Nicolas liked football and was in love with Daphnée. He was very clever and friendly. All the girls liked him. (Picture 1)



    Brice was 19 years old and he liked nothing. Brice was always sad he worked with Nicolas but he was poor. He had a very big stomach. Brice had short brown hair and little blue eyes. Brice dreamt of being a famous actor. (Picture 2)


    Daphnée was 21 years old. She was a very friendly girl and she had a lot of friends. Daphnée didn't know Nicolas was in love with her. Daphnée liked horse riding and dancing with her friends. She had blue eyes and black hair. She was tall. (Picture 3)

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    group 2 description

    1/ Dr Cumberback was a 50-year-old ghost. He was an Irish chemist who lived in a huge manor.
    During an experiment, he drank a solution which unfortunately turned him into a ghost.
    He was tall with very long legs and arms. He had grey brushy hair and white massive eyebrows.
    The ghost's two red eyes gave the impression a fire was burning inside him.
    Despite he was a ghost, he wasn't an evil and terrifing creature.
    He was a scientist, who lived alone in his manor. He was trying to find a cure to bacome human again.
    He was proud and distinguished, as the Cumberbacks were a rich family.
    He had a ghost particularity : his color was changing according to his mood.
    He was normally white but he became red if he was angry.

    2/ Jane Wicky was a 28 years old woman.
    Even if she was young, she had wrinkles under her eyes and she looked older than 28 years.
    She was quite small and she had long blond hair which became grey at the end of the locks.
    She had beautiful blue eyes and a small nose.
    She wore blue dresses. She was sociable and smiling.
    She didn't use her powers all the time but she was proud of them. She was sometimes a show-off.
    She was a magician because she could create portals from any place to anywhere.

    3/ Mark Quarter was a British college student. He was 19 and he was clever and serious.
    He wasn't tall but he was fine, with a big head compared to his body.
    He had short straight brown hair and wore square glasses who were hidding his fine eyebrows.
    Mark's brown eyes were deep, beautiful and stange at the same time.
    Mark was shy and not really friendly, but he was smiling all the time.
    He was intelligent and he knew all the knowledge available in the college library.
    He wasn't a real magician, but sometimes, in his dreams, he saw the future,
    by a few images which really happened, from one day to one month after his vision.

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    group 3 description

    Tobias Sandringham

    Tobias was eleven years old. He loved his grand-mother and enjoyed spending time with her.

    He was short, pretty thin, and very fair-skinned. He had green eyes, brown curly hair, tiny ears and white teeth. His eyebrows were very fit. He wore most of the time boots, overalls and checked shirts. He was a bit crazy, always happy and fond of animals.


    Ilma Guðmundsdóttir

    Ilma was a very old woman, Tobias’ grand-mother. Her husband passed away five years ago, and she was known as the Witch of Salem.

    She was very tall and fit. She was a fair-skinned woman with green eyes, long grey and wavy hair, long ears and huge nails. Her eyebrows were very thick, her nose was long. She had a lot of wrinkles on her face. She dressed in grey and brown dresses. That was her main style. Ilma was a strange person, living in the woods and tended to speak in a peculiar language.


    Simon Portishead

    Simon was a twenty-five years old lad and worked in a chemistry industry.

    He was 170 cm tall and blue-eyed. He had blond straight hair. He had a little pointed nose and small ears but no beard or moustache. He mostly cladded in white. He was very rational and hated Ilma for her personality, which was too strange for him.

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    group 4 description

    Doctor G.
    He was 50 years old,he lived in amansion.
    He was a criminal scientist who used chemistry to steal money from

    a bank.He was egg-shaped hair he wore glasses and gown.He was a

    bad man who lived alone and he hated people.
    He was intelligent and dextrous.

    Jhon meyer
    A student at the magical school of the lost land.He was a very good disciple at the magical school.
    He was brown ,had short hair blue eyes and smart face.he was small wore a suit on a pull over. He had little shoes.

    Nitro the Dragon
    He was a majestic creature more than 100 years old but young for a dragon.He followed the hero during his adventure. He spitted out fire for self defense.
    He was green.He had a small face with red eyes and long horns.He could flying but sometime he was clumsy.

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    Image by Youngsta1

    group 5 description  

    Character 1 :

    Rosa was a mother of 39 years old. She lived alone in a poor house in a small village, with her son : Edward. She didn’t work. She was a beautiful woman : she was tall and slim, with long and straight white hair. She had a pale skin an pink cheeks. Her almonds eyes had different colors : one was green, and the other was brown. She had a pretty mouth and a snub nose. About her clothes, she always wore a simple and white dress. She had a black cat who followed her.

    She was kind and polite with all the villagers, but she was shy and she practiced misterious activities in her little house. Because of her activities, a lot of people were suspicious and they thought that, when you went too close to her house at night, you could see ghosts who danced around.


    Character 2 :

    Dr Leiche was an old scientist of 68 years old wo lived alone. He was skinny and he had a lot of wrinkles on his face. His eyes were white because he was blind. His hands were shivering and he had long and skeletal fingers. He had a little mouth with pale lips. His hair were white and greasy.

    He wore a white blouse with gloves. He was suspected to practice crazy experiments on dead bodie, beacause he was crazy and some people saw him walk at night in the cemetery. He was clumsy and absent-minded but he was not talkative.


    Character 3 :

    Edward was the illegitimate child of Rosa and he lived with his mother. He was 15 years old. He didn’t like school and he prefered to stole things for gaining money. His mother didn’t like him and they were poor. He was messy, dextrous andcurious. He just had one hand because he lost one in an accident. He liked to be alone and he didn’t have a lot of friends.

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    group 6 description

    Character 1


    Mister Huguay was 83 years old. He was a small man, and a wisdom person. He was marked by time, he had a lot of wrink, Huguay had a white beard and a long moustache which fell in his neck. He had a long stick for walk, he was walk slowly. His stick was magic. It was the sacred tree’s branch which was calls the tree Kuma. This tree crowned because the biggest magicians put down a tear. Huguay was very patient, and hardworking. In his life, he worked a lot, but now he devoted himself to his grandson’s teaching. He taught the magic to Willy. Mister Huguay had lot of magic powers, but he didn’t often use his powers. He had a magical fox. They had a particular link.


    Character 2


    His name was Yenga. It was a fox but he had a large squirrel tail. Yenga had an orange and white fur. At the tips of muzzle and ears there is gold powder. His hearing and his smell were overdeveloped thanks to this gold powder whose origin was a mystery. His eyes were yellow-brown and phosphorescent. It moved gracefully and lightly. Yenga was very smart and crafty. He had known Huguay for 70 years. It was also affectionate with his master. It had a magic power, for example he could understand all languages, could control the fire and the ice. Like his master, he used his power in an emergency only. Huguay and Yenga felt when one of the two was sick or hurt.


    Character 3

    His name was Willy, he was a young boy and he was fifteen. He wasn't very at school but he loved physical chimistry and he loved to go to a magic show with Huguay, his grandfather. All the time he read books, particulary the book in the Huguay's bookcase. Willy wasn't tall. He had blue eyes and he had a short blond hair. He had freckles on his cheek. He had thin leeps but his eyebrows were like Huguay, they were a little massive. Willy was intelligent but he was lazy to work hard and he had a preference for board games. Willy was generous and relentless and he wanted peace and justice around the world and he was ready to do anything to stop the villains...

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    group 7 description

    Character 1 : Ariana Robinson was a student of 17 years old. She was of average height
    and had curly brown hair. She was slim and had beautiful ocean eyes.
    A pointed nose was in the middle of her face and rounded ears was on side of her head.
    She wore modern street clothes. She was shy and always kept calm
    to avoid getting angry. She had a power, she could attract metal
    with a mysterious strength.

    Character 2 : John Clarckson was a rocker of 18 years old. He had a strong body .
    He had a rounded nose,thin eyebrows and ruffled black straight hair.
    He dressed like a gothic.
    John wore black jeans with chains, black topcoat.
    He was awful,overbearing and pretentious.
    He had this contemptuous smile all the time.  
    The teen had the power to make static electricity with his hands.

    Character 3 : Flora Arboles was a gardener of 16 years old .She always ate organic
    food.She was thin and much tall . She had a beautiful smile, she had
    wavy brown hair with fair reflection. She had green emerald eyes.
    She always had a litlle bag with a special fertilizer. With it, she
    could make huge plants and make grow super fast flowers and other
    kind of plants. But , she could also blow on flowers or trees to grow

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    group 8 description

    character 1
    name: Rubchinskiy
    He was 27 years old. He was born in Russia. He had a egg-shaped beard and he was tall and fat.
     He was wear trousers, yellow t-shirt.
     He was bad, but cool and he has got a fucsia dog with a red head. 
    He was a hero for Russia and Crimea.

    character 2
    name: Ura x
    He wasn't have any age. He was born on Uranus.
    He had a green skin and a curly brown hair.
    He had a super powers to turn into a ball.


    character 3
    name: superbook
    It's born in Moscow. It had very beautiful face with nice nose. It had a big brain, he was the most intelligent guy of the world. He loved Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilghfiger, Todd's or Napapijri. He speak Arabic, French, Russian, English, Japanese, Spanish and Chinese.

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    group 9 description

    Leïla (alias Mystia)

    Leïla was a beautiful young girl, with splendid wavy raven black hair and bright purple eyes (that could only be seen purple by Aaron, otherwise, they were seen brown by other people).

    At only 18 years old, she already was a strong woman with a lot of personnality.

    She was clever, a bit stubborn but she could be a really kind and warm-hearted person.

    With her loyal friend Trico she came into our world to bring back «the Chosen One»...

    She was able to control the four elements; but she had some problems to control the earth one.



    He was a scientific and a little genius. He had got his diploma at 14 years old.

    He was now working for a secret laboratory (he was 22 years old).

    He had blue grey eyes and brown hair. He was wearing contact lenses and a white blouse.

    He was really rational and thinking that unexplicable and fantastic things were reserved to movies. He was unsociable and not interested in girls at all (until he met her...)

    He lived in a little flat. He was an orphan (well, he didn't know it, but he was sent in this world when he was just a baby by his parents to protect him).

    He was the Chosen One in the other world.



    Trico was a fantascic animal with a lion head and a body with feathers, wings and a dog tail.

    Trico was very powerfull and normal people couldn't see him.

    He was Leïla's best friend and they knew each other since they were 6 years old.

    Trico was very kind but he tough for her when he had to. He likes hugs very much.

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