7.2 Scientific interpretation - Group 7


    Fill in the table below (the 3rd column) and write up the scientific explanation of your partners'experiment. Your explanation must have been validated by your partners and your science teacher.

    Country Experiment Interpretation

    by Spain 1 group 7

        It  is a little bit complicated but you have done it with vinegar and food coloring (for the first three experiments). As for the last one, when an acid and a base are combined, a chemical reaction occurs; Depending on what the acid and base are, the reaction is different. Some may explode. In the case of vinegar and bicarbonate, the reaction is not so violent . The chemical reaction was Vinegar (acetic acid) + sodium bicarbonate -> sodium acetate + water + CO2

    Carbon dioxyde is produced and that's why for the last experiment, we can see effervescence.


    Yes you're right ! Can you write now the correct explanation and give details with the last reaction (between the vinegar and bicarbonate). I would like you to write the chemical reaction and the chemical formulae. Can you give the product of that reaction?

    N.Hoang (French Science teacher)

    OK 2nd revision (I've made some corrections by myself)



    Spain 1

    (Pais Vasco)


    We are going to explain this scientific experiment :

    For this magic trick there are:

    - a beaker moisturized by liquid ammonia NH3 

    - a second one moisturized  by liquid hydrogen chloride HCl

    They put both beakers together for a while.

    After that, they separate them and we see the smoke.

    It's a reaction between liquid ammonia and liquid hydrogen chloride which produces smoke of ammonium chloride

    HCl+NH3 = NH4Cl

    to be completed...I gave to you the video and the explanation on Edmodo. You have to use it to explain properly what's happened.


    OK (2nd revision)