Group 9

  • Choose a colour to start the story. at the end of your writing, write 3 words for your partners to include in the next part. Each country will use a different colour.


    Aaron was in a place he didn't know, dark, and ruined... there was no one... Except a weird noise coming from far... getting closer and closer, right behind him. A strange shape was now standing in front of him. His heart was now beating so fast that it could have escaped from his chest. But he couldn't move, he was unable to move his feet an inch, trapped in front of this frightening shape. Suddenly, he thought he recognised a kind of zombie. The thing pounced on him.

    He woke up, sweating. Thanks god it was just a dream. Though, it looked very real... Anyway, he had other problems to think about, he was going to have a busy day; well, like everyday.

    After his morning routine, he went to Berlin's streets, going to work. It was a beautiful sunny day. On his way,  he always walked nearby a park. He looked at the trees, thinking of his weird dream. But in the corner of a street, someone was staring at him. She had a piercing purple gaze... She was a beautiful girl and her raven hair was so gorgeous! While he was standing in the middle of the street, a car passed across the road, and a second later... She was gone. But he remembered he had no time for girls, he was too busy for those relationships.

    To go to his laboratory Parexel, he had to cross a little street. But he felt a strange sensation, as if he was followed. He stopped, looked behind him, and she was standing in front of him. An unknow animal, he had never seen before, was sitting next to her. He couldn't believe it, it wasn't possible. A big creature with a lion head, stately feather wings, and hooves. He wouldn't believe it...

    "We need to talk."

    The three words: Paralell world, chosen one, war




    The woman spoke to Aaron about everything that happened in the laboratory, the big creature was Trico, and was able to go from all over the paralell worlds to find the chosen one.


    -And, Why am I the chosen one?-asked Aaron.

    -Because we saw your dream, we are from another world and your parents leave you here to protect you from our world.

    -To protect me?

    -Yes, there is a war in our world and they wanted to protect you leaving in this world. But they need you because you are the only one who can protect our world.


    -Because you are as me, you can control the elements.


    -Let me show you...


    The three words to follow the story are: awakening, revenge and attacked.



    One month had passed since Aaron had woken up, and that he had met Leila in this little street.

    She had showed him how to control his powers, and he had a lot of difficulties to believe it at first.

    They had to undertake a long journey through the land of the other world.

    Well, he had nothing to lose anyway...


    During the journey he noticed that he had a good feeling with Leila (Mystia, she told him, her real name), he felt it at the first moment he saw her in Berlin. Their expedition lasts several weeks, and the awakening of his powers was kind of natural, as if he had done it all his life.

    Aaron remembered when Mystia had learned him his powers. She showed him how to control elements. When she threw her first fireball, he was shocked, it became a habit for him with time.

    Trico, that Mystia had introduce as her friend, was too part of the trip. He was a lot friendly and it even let Aaron rid him, "usually, I'm the only one who it lets ride", said Mystya, a bit vexed.


    Until now, they hadn't been attacked by any zombies or thieves on their way. Lucky them ! But what was waiting for them was far lot more horrible from what they could have imagined.


    It was a dark, cold, rainy day when they finally arrived at the castle... It seemed old and ruined. The place was just like the one in his dream.

    They were very scared, however, their courage was stronger than fear.


    The three of them entered the castle.

    It was filled with monsters. Yes, monsters. It was the only word that could describe the horrible creatures who dwelled in the castle. It looked like zombies, but it was dangerously fast. Trico helped our heroes to fight them, Leila didn't have any problem to get rid of zombies and Aaron discovered he was stronger than he thought.


    In the throne chamber, an old wizard, named Seraph, was standing.


    "I was waiting for you..." he said, grinning ."I knew you would come to save your country but you cannot defeat me. This place will belong to me forever!" and he laughed loudly. "Well, I can share with you, Mystia. All what you need to do is to marry me."


    Her only answer was a big fireball, her speciality. It was the more powerful Aaron had ever seen, that's why he though they had done with the sorcerer. However, at the last moment, he returned the ball to Mystia. Aaron screamed. 

    But the ball didn't hit Mystia. It hits Trico, who had shield her.


    "Trico !" she shouted, which made the vilain sneer.


    Trico was alive, but severely hurts. Mystia had burst into tears, letting Aaron face alone the wizard, for who he now felt a huge rage.


    That was just too much. Aaron's powers broke out. This guy had almost killed Trico, and that, Aaron wouldn't forgive it. At the moment, the young boy didn't realize what was happening ning ; it was kind like breathing out after holding back his respiration several minutes. 


    And then, blackout.



    Aaron woke up, sweating. Thanks god, it was just a dream.




    Why was he in an unknow room ? And more important than that... Why the girl of his dream was standing next to him ... ?


    "Aaron !" she said. "I was afraid you didn't wake up. Are you all right ?"


    He nodded. Memories were coming back.


    "Is Trico ...?" he beggined.

    "No, don't worry, he's all right. After you defeated Seraph, you know, the wizard, some friends of mine came and rescued him. Your case was more complicated, you had no physical damage."


    She paused, looking at him straight in the eyes.


    "Aaron. Thank you. You saved my land and permited me to finally get my revenge with that... swine ! I'll never be grateful enough." 




    Some days later, Aaron, Mystya, Trico and all the people living in the Other World began to rebuild the castle. It was not as dark as it was when Seraph was occupying the place. 


    Furthermore, since their victory, Aaron and Mystya had get closer and closer, but this is another story...