Group 8



    It's the story of a bunch of 2 friends Gosha Rubchinskiy and Superbook who came from Moscow and Crimea.

    Gosha was a young man of 27 years-old , he lived in Moscow but he came from Crimea, he wanted to be a model

    Superbook was intelligent and he spoke a lot of languages like English or Spanish . they lived a lot of stories to won a bad monster, they walked in the street of Moscow and he met a man, a strange man, that disappears suddenly.

    After, he came back to his home and he tall to his friends what he saw...

    2days later, he met again this strange man, he proposed to save the world with his bunch                                                                           This dude guy accepted to join the crew and he will take the nickname of Ura-X like an X-Men.

    It was very dark,cold and those friends were lost on the mountain.

    Ura-x was creature who had green skin and brown hair.

    That creature found the two lost friends in the mountain.                                                                                                                           He carried them to his cavern and he gave them food.The next day Ura-x made this two friends his prisoners and tried to cook them in an oven.
    But then, some people appeared in the mountain and saw Urax. Then, that people started to run and the two friends took advantage when Ura-x was distracted. The two friends fought Ura-x and escaped.

    Superbook and Gosha scaped from Urax and were lost in the mountain.They were very scared and hungry.They had nothing to eat or drink,These two friends started searching for food but they didnt find anything in the dark mountain.Gosha proposed Suberbook going to the sea to fish and survive.With the help of a compass they found water and a ship.They entered in the ship and found food,but when they were leaving the ship some pirates stopped the two friends and kidnaped them . The pirates crew was going to the land of the pirates but in the way a giant octopus attacked the ship.Thanks to the octopus Gosha and Superbook scaped from the ship.The two friends took a pair of supreme clothes from the ship.Those clothes were very useful.They used the supreme clothes to save their lives and scaped from the water because the clothes were allowed to float in the water and arrived swimming to the nearest coast.Now the two friends were lost again in an island.They started walking in the island and they saw smoke far away.They followed the smoke and found a nordic tribe.

    The tribe helped the two friends.The nordics gave them food and some beds to rest for a night.

    At the morning some nordic travelers took the friends and brought them to their house traveling by ship.


    After this new meeting, Superbook and Gosha found one Supreme skateboard in treasure chest.

    This skateboard was so wonderful and very useful, we could fly with this board.

    The two friends will use this skateboard to leave the island of pirates and find Ura X in the dark mountain.


    Before having left the island of pirates, Superbook and Gosha were very lucky, they found a strange coconut.

    Gosha was the first, he drank all of the juice in the coconut and he had hallucinations, he saw lots of unicorn, he was drugged.


    Superbook was very scared about the attitude of gosha and he decided to leave them, to find Ura X alone.

    He promised to return for him after he found Ura X, took the board and he left the pirate's island

    He came back to the dark mountains to save his friend and searched for his friend for 3 days.

    Finally, he found his friend in a cave without food........ he was dead.


    Superbook was very shocked and cried...... he decided to come back to Gosha in the pirate's island to announce the bad news.

    The reaction of Gosha was very strange, he was happy and he laughed.


    Superbook asked gosha about his reaction, Gosha answered : " i was jealous about your complicity with ura x, so now, i'm happy :)"


    Superbook was very angry and he killed Gosha.


    Now Superbook was alone, he came back in moscow and he reigned on Russia.