Group 4

  •  Once upon a time there was a boy called Jhon Meyer accompanied by his dragon, Nitro who lived in a little town in Basque country. Nitro was a majestic creature. He spitted out fire to defend against the ennemies. He was a protector and followed his friend. 

    Jhon was a student at the Magical school of Sopelana, located in the Basque Country.
    He was brown, sometimes wore a suit or a pull over, was fearless and kind, but jealous and scared by the darkness. When he was 16 years old, he had to make a choice: leave the country to go university of the Lostlands to learn the "Black Magic" or stay in Sopelana and continue their studies. Nobody knew where the country was.  He left the school and met Doctor G, his teacher who taught him everything he knew.

    He was the best student. With Nitro, they spent a lot of great moments together, he loved the Lostlands, he escaped from the school to admire the landscape. A day, he lost the control of the "Black Power" and he passed out and hanceforth he had a heart failure. When he woke up all changed in the land.

    When Jhon was woken up, he realized that of a lot of things had changed. Lostlands was not  what it was before. The rivers dried up, the sky became black, there was not life. Everything looked like it was because of the ¨blue magic¨ which was extremely powerful.


    The days went on and Jhon found Nitro, and they started looking about who was the creator of the ¨black magic¨. The days passed and they didn’t see future over their investigation, and they hadn’t got enough food and water, there were only same bottles thrown on the floor.


    One day, they found one video in which doctor G appeared against the humans. It could be observed that the humans were fighters and that they didn’t tired out although they saw their death day. Which was the reason why the doctor was against them? Was him the originator of this destruction?  Was him the creator of the ¨black magic¨?

    Humans of the city suspected the doctor to practice Black magic against them. the war began, Doctor G used his powers to stop them, but they burned the castle.

    At the same time, John and Nitro the dragon tried to find the Black magic's origin... They went to the secret cave of Lostlands, they explored the underground, and found a parchment wich expalined the magic. The Black magic was a superpower, created by magicians to defend yourself against villains. But, now, a man was ready to become mad and destroy everything he wanted.

    The heroes were going to use the Black magic to struggle against him. Army and people thanks the heroes but John started to be consumumed by the Black magic. He had an heart failure, he was sick because he used to much his power. Lostlands, a beautiful country, now, was a lifeless landscape.

    Someone said that a magician saved Meyer and we never saw Nitro before he woked up. The doctor prison broke, and he escaped to become stronger. Everything he has experienced was deleted. The time started again...

    Someone can tell this story, of John Meyer with his dragon the magicians...