Group 3

  • « It’s no secret that you've always hated me. But Simon, think about it. Think about the horses, the rabbits, the trees, the birds… think about them ! What have they done ? Do they deserve to die ? »

    Ilma shouted so loudly that the whole company stopped from working. But the employee didn’t care. No, he would never care. His only matter was to gain a maximum of money during the month. And if he could hurt Guðmundsdóttir's feelings, the experience was even more delightful. The begging lady and the sadistic worker.

    During that time, nothing could have been worse for the old lady. She reluctantly walked back to her house, her house lost in the woods. Cooking often calmed her down. Sugar, spice, sweet odours, sharing love and care to her beloved ones.

    Both Tobias and his father were part of the rich nobility of England, so when the young lad wanted to talk with his father’s mother, everything was organised so that no one knew about it. It wasn’t a shame to them but there were targets they had to avoid. The young boy promised his grandmother to cope with it anyway. Forever and ever.

    Three hours have past before our scene resumed. Guðmundsdóttir couldn’t stand it anymore. She revealed to Tobias what she thought would happen. That was her theory. Simon and the government were affiliated. Both of them knew what’s going on, underneath. Under the trees, the lilies, the flowers and grass. The world underneath is in danger. Scared or brave, she decided to fight.

    Tobias’ father came back to take him to a theatre play. But something unexpected happened, the door fell down. A message was written on it : « Swirling black lilies totally rip. »


    Tobias and Guðmundsdóttir went to a cave which was situated in a small mountain and they stayed there two hours, remaining silent. Finally, when they were safe, Guðmundsdóttir said to Tobias:

    -The government and Simon are affiliated. They plan to create a virus to kill lots of people.

    -Why are they going to do something like this?

    -Because if they do this, after that, they are going to sell a vaccine and are going to be rich.

    -Oh, that´s incredible! How can anybody do something like this? We should stop this now!

    -Yes, but before that, we should establish a plan.

     Three days later, they finished their plan and left the cave. But what about the plan...?


               “I totally agree with you, Tobias.

    -But what about the temple, grandma?

    -The temple? I completely forgot it. Yes, the treasure located inside may help us.

    -But, Grandma, it is dark inside and there might be spiders. And how will we join it, the temple is lost in the forest. It’s almost impossible!

    -Follow me… don’t you remember our plan?”


    They went down of the mountain and took a small path which was joining to the deepest part of the forest. They could be easily lost if Ilma didn’t have a large knowledge of this forest, but finally, the path disappeared.


    Ilma was a bit disconcerted, but she found the solution : she took a compass from her pocket and they went to the West. The light was decreasing and the trees were becoming higher, bigger and older.


    “Grandma, I saw a wolf, murmured Tobias.

    -It is your imagination Tobias, there is no animals in this part of the forest.”


    And she told true : there was a disturbing silence.


    “Look ! exclaimed Ilma, Look Tobias, the temple, we are near about it !”


    She shew, a ruined pillars and a old stone road in front of them. And fifteen minutes later, they arrived at a clearing. A big temple, built with white stones, weirdly unruined, was staying in the middle of it.


    The sun rises disappeared suddenly and the shadow invaded the clearing.


    “Quick, Tobias, quick !” shouted Ilma.


    They rushed to the temple and went inside. Ilma pressed a button and switch on the light.


    “Electricity ! How old is this temple ? exclaimed Tobias

    - Very old, but it always had electricity.

    - Weird. When did you find it Grandma ?

    - Fifty years ago

    - Really ! Fifty years ago ! And you still not have electricity.

    - I don’t need it… Stop, we are arriving.”

    They saw a throne and a small box on. Ilma said that Tobias was allowed to take the box and open it. Inside, there was a kind of metal.

    “No, it isn’t possible ! said Ilma, a chemistry weapon ! That is why the government wanted to access to the forest. The president knew that there was a temple here. We should destroy it.

    - You are right, Grandma, but where ?

    - In Eyjafjallajökull, the nearest volcano.”

    They went out of the temple. The moon was up in the sky. The owl’s hootings were the only sound they were able to hear. They were attacked by Simon.