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  • What is it all about? Watch the Powtoon and click on the links to see the different activities.


    Is it magic or is it science? In this project, students worked in multinational teams to explain magic tricks with science.

    They first met their partners by sending presentations and quizzes to test their partners. They created an advent calendar to present their countries, their cities and their schools. They also designed a netiquette collaboratively. Last but not least, they took part in a logo competition.

    French and Spanish students had a chance to meet in a videoconference.

    They then sent their partners videos of “magic” experiments and they had to explain them scientifically.

    To finish, Spanish and French students wrote collaborative stories about science and magic. 

    French students attended a lecture on superconductivity and they shared what they had learnt on a padlet.

    The project was assessed with a wordcloud. Students and teachers were invited to write three words that they could associate with the project.

    To finish, all the experiments and the collaborative stories were gathered in an ebook.