Mr Bean, Mrs Lentil and their tiny peas celebrating the International Year of Pulses 2016

Mr Bean, Mrs Lentil and their tiny peas celebrating the International Year of Pulses 2016 project aims to heighten students awareness of the nutritional benefits of pulses as part of sustainable food production through various activities


October 2016

Bean germination in Growing beans Automn/Busteni

Fasolea, mazarea si lintea
Le Haricot, le poiset le lentil se presente
Preparations for the sketch Art
Riddles about Legumes
Riddles in Romanian
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History of pulses The bean story
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Growing Pulses





Fasolea, mazarea si lintea

Decorations for sketch, "Mrs Lentil and their tiny peas"


Herbarium and Art


Easter cards


In Cuisine

Beans menu:



The bean story

Beans originated in South America, Central America and India.Where did and who  took her from one end to anoder of the world.

As our beans every day has obvious scientific name: Phasoleus Vulgaris.

Beans is a legume used since the ancient Greeks and Egyptians: dry beans were found in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs  as food for the afterlife.

Throughout human history, past and beans as a food remained inexpensive and healthy way to include nutrients in the daily diet. Beans are extremely beneficial component in any diet because carbohydrate, protein and fiber content and low in calories, fat and salt. Who has not tasted once a bean ragout with or without pork, bean soup, bean beaten?

Dishes are “irresistible” Huh???!

What was said along  time about  beans?

“If you dream bean that  grows in the ground is a sign that you will not have money problems.

“If you eat beans is a signthat should you stay away from those who talk behind your back.

“You dream may : you get the joy,green beans’ll visa; a sign of marriage; dream may portend a joi, not necessarily related to marriage.

Green beans portends marriage.

When  marriage is not  the case, the dreamer who eat beans or green beans , will be a joy.

In Persian tradition, eating  dried  beans in a dream , it’s foreshadowing strife.”

On Bonduelle , beans are called ”ladies word” , referring  obviously  that is grown all over the world.

“It is believed that beans has more than 8000 years.

It is one of the “three sisters” of the pre-Columbian American cuisine, along with corn and  pumpkin. The  Aztecs cultivated “Ayacolt”, ie beans with are are maize that which they used as a hair to climb.

Today beans are one of the main sources of albumin plant in the world. Meets in the kitchens of all nation.

There are 30 000 varieties of beans, which are grown over 500.

Beans can be found in the wild in tropical areas of Asia and America.

The pod ussualy  contains several seeds, about the same as cultivated.

There is also a verb that comes from beans namely verb to use, which is synonymous whith:you simper, you wine, you ape.

Word , that verb is close folk etymology , of course , bean, whose name comes from the  language Nigerian fasoli.

Iuliana Ciubuc- Buşteni-România


Riddles about Legumes

Well, dicotyledonous is

My family and I state these:

I am the most beautiful girl,

I am Liana, slender, tall;

So, I do pods, shiny berries

Cooked, very tasty my shuck is.

Please taste, or at least a bit try,

And now, my friend, guess what am I?




My pod is wide and very long,

As dicotyledonous, strong.

I contain many vitamins,

Just minerals and proteins.

Indeed, hairy my leaves are

But the flower is nice by far.

As kidneys, berries in a crop

Stay near the pod like a drop.

The answer is not far or high,

It's in your mind, guess what am I?

( beans)


Green beads eating, you get tired

As you can fall even scrambled.

They can give you force in your feet

As something nutrious you eat.

You can find them in legumes, so,

How to cook them, I think you know!

What I told you, you will see why,

Review your lore, guess what am I?




As farthing are in the aspect,

They have a taste of great effect;

They're very good for food, no strife,

In all our everyday life.

This riddle is so easy, try,

Check in your brain, guess what am I?




Riddles in Romanian

Proverbs about pulses


Author: Athanasia Zafeiropoulou
Last editor: Athanasia Zafeiropoulou