Petroupoli GREECE

  • During June, Ioanna, student of A' grade in 4th Junior High School of Petroupolis, had been informed about our school's participation in the project and was willing to test some activities like planting, cooking and "playing" with the nutritional cards. Her planting activities had begun in Petroupolis, at home, with greek beans planted in recycled milk tins; then she was moved with them at her hometown for vacations, she transplanted them in pot and on August 27 she moved back with them at Petroupoli. She had also planted some seeds bought at local market (Kalamata) during her vacations alongwith some seeds that she got from our Croatian partner in Donji Muc, Daniela Mrak, as we had seeds exchanges with Croatia and Slovenia (Katja Koprivnicar). We will plant Croatian and Slovenian seeds at shool in September.  Her planting activities and a short of bean's growing diary in the following slides and final harvest also:

    Planting in tins :

    Transplanting from tins to pot :

    Planting in the same pot 



    Planting croatian seeds




    Summer harvest