Krokos to partners

  • "We are a bit late . This material is from the date we posted the letters to our partners .Place: Post office of Krokos . Date: 6/3/2017"

    - Posted by MARIA KONTOULA, 16.03.2017


    "The students were pleased to receive today a letter from Krokos. 
    They planted the 2 beans varieties. 
    Thank you Maria"

    - Posted by VAYSSIE Eric, 13.03.2017

    "Petroupoli today, on 14 March 2017, had mail from Krokos, too! Thank you Maria!!!!
    We will try your recipe soon"

    - Posted by Athanasia Zafeiropoulou, 14.03.2017


    "Yesterday we received a letter from Krokos too.
    Thanks so much, Maria!! We´ll try with your beans and with the recipe too :D"

    - Posted by Aránzazu Iturrioz Pardo, 16.03.2017