Vinkovci CROATIA (Mažuranića)

  • Who we are:

    Presentation of our country:



    Presentation of our county:


    And here is  our school:


    Growing beans activity:


    At our school's canteen:


    Art activities:



    Nutrition activity:


    Sharing our art work with Petroupoli (they had received our parcel on 24th of April)

    Reception of the Art Parcel from Vinkovci Mazuranica in Lafrançaise

    Cooking peas


    We have completed topis Food and this is our presentation on English Across the Curriculum activities.(Kta's class)


    Cooking beans _ Ana, Klara, Dora and Nika (Kata's class)



    By teacher Manda:


    By teacher Sladana:



     Klara's Flat pods


    Ana's presentation


    Summarizing our work: