Mr Bean, Mrs Lentil and their tiny peas celebrating the International Year of Pulses 2016

Mr Bean, Mrs Lentil and their tiny peas celebrating the International Year of Pulses 2016 project aims to heighten students awareness of the nutritional benefits of pulses as part of sustainable food production through various activities

"Spilling the beans"...dissemination

5.Alexandroupoli, Greece

a) Presentation of the project at school in collaboration among 3 classes that participate in the project

Petridou's report



b) vassiloudi's report: "A few weeks back we organised a cooking event in our school which was a success. Most of the school commuity tried the dishes and the food was disappeared very quickly!!!"

- Posted by VASILIKI VASILOUDI, 14.05.2017



4. Sfax, Tunisia: 

I have presented our project in an eTwinning training at my country Tunisia.
Through this prezi, I would like to display the practice of the 21st century skills in our project.


3.Petroupoli, Greece:

3.a.Christmas bazaar for our school community with beans creations

3.b.Contribution in the charity/educational campaign:

"Fill my heart with pulses" organized by SciCo, during the European Researchers Night on 30 September 2016 on "Democritus 


3c. Poster with proverbs and art made of pulses created on 03 March 2017 by the environmental group and exhibited at main entrance at school:



3d. One more poster with our project's logo and art of pulses exhibited in school's first floor hall near our plants (mr Bean has many corners of his own in 4th JHS of Petroupolis :) )



2.Syracuse, Italy:

Charity "Collecte alimentaire de la  classe c2" on Christmas time:


1.Santander, Spain:

21 October:

We participate in an eTwinning event supporting young refugees in Grevena, Greece, and we have sent them some winter clothing, hand-made cards with messages, some sweets and a packet of beans from Mr Bean, Mrs Lentil and their tiny peas project. Our parcel was plenty of love, solidarity and support. Active citizenship in  this project too.


9th. November

  • A package sent by Mr Bean & family from Santander has arrived to Grevena primary school (Greece)
  • Near the school there is a refugees' camp, a hot-spot in Europe
  • Young refugees are waiting for a better future.
  • We have made our contribution: Love, support, winter clothes, some sweets and hand-made cards and lentils.


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