Key competences and curricular integration

  • For all the teachers (ICT, Science,foreign language, ethics, primary school) the challenge was to integrate their curriculum objectives in a trans-curriculum project.
    The main objective of the  International Year of Pulses 2016 : to heighten students awareness of the nutritional benefits of pulses as part of sustainable food, has been achieved (86% of the students understood that pulses are an alternative source of proteins, and 57% know that they create their own fertilizer)
    All the students productions are in  a foreign language (english or /and french) They improved their communication (written / oral) in a  foreign language although only 14% consider it as the most important.
    The 3 activities (growing, diaries and harvest ) are presented as scientific reports, increasing their skills of observation, scientific rigor, research and communication of informations.
    ICT tools have been widely used in the collaborative writing and fun in Mr Bean’s family activities.
    Students have been evaluated individually and in small groups, in the curricular topics related to their teacher topic  and also in trans-curricular skills.(evaluation activity)



    Key competences evaluated in the different activities of the project

    English Croatian French Greek Italian Latvian Spanish Romanian Slovenian






















    All language grid :