Petroupoli's puzzles

  • On 25 October B1a and C2b informatics classes in Petroupoli had created some puzzles:


    Our first puzzles here:


    A) Jigsaw puzzles by B1b class  

    Made with Padlet


    B) Giorgos'  puzzle from C2b ICT class was the hit as......


    ..... We had comments on project diary and  two responses from our partners that have succeeded to finish it:

    Puzzles done by:

    a) Team in Khust, Ukraine:
    Khust puzzle

    b) Team in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine: 
     "We did it!!!! Thank you, Athanasia Zafeiropoulou. It was a difficult but interesting game.: 

    Most of of the partners commented that these puzzles were difficult...
    It's difficult!!! (Aránzazu Iturrioz Pardo, 20.11.2016)
      if you use the "ghost" icon on the left bottom corner then it is easier (Athanasia Zafeiropoulou, 26.10.2016)


    A Christmas beans puzzle that Pylos kindergarten and Lozova's school in Ukraine have enjoyed much and had commented on project journal:

    available as an image also that can be printed and be a "real" (instead of a virtual) puzzle:

    Pylos puzzle
    Thanks to Petroupoli for the puzzle. We have a great time playing with it!

    Lozova puzzle