• Christmas greetings

    Dear friends, at last we are at school again after long winter holidays and got a surprise - Christmas cards from our partners from France. They came only at the end of the previous week but we are very happy to get them. Thanks a lot!



    Christmas greetings to our Beans partners



    Happy Friday


    Christmas time in Ukraine


    At Christmas kids and young people go from house to house singing carols and performing scenes from the Bible. 
    We call these groups Bethlehem. Have a look and maybe, you'll find smth common with celebrating Christmas in your countries. This video was made in our town (not by me as I failed to make it well)



    - Posted by Nataliya Orlyk, 07.01.2017

    It's Christmas in our country today!
    We enjoy singing Christmas carols and having fun!

    - Posted by Nataliya Orlyk, 07.01.2017