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    14. Pylos and Lefki kidergartens meeting on 13 June 2017:

    Presentation of classes work in the project, collaborative drawing on whiteboard and singing for wishing " a nice summer for all"


    13. Classes meeting on Thursday 27 April 2017

    Khust, Kyiv, Sfax, Lafrançaise and Petroupoli presenting news of students' work and sharing online activities.
    We had audio and bandwidth problems with Petroupoli and Sfax but we shared joy of meeting each other. 
    Too pity that Lafrançaise students had no classes with their teacher that day (and we could not find a common convenient hour for all)  but we had their news by their teacher and we thank you Eric for your participation in the event. 
    Hope we have a meeting soon with the rest of the partners, too

    Whole video:

    Introduction of online activities
    Petroupolis presentation (mixed with Sfax's)

    Sfax's presentation with many audio and connectivity problems:

    but we are lucky to have on site recording, too: 

    Khust's presentation:
    Kyiv's presentation:
    Final online activity among Kyiv and Petroupoli and Lafrançaise's news:



    12. Fourth Teachers meeting for scheduling on Friday 03 February  2017:

    A padlet is used for this meeting and video of screenshots and shared google doc with summary posted on this:





    11. Live event on 21 December among two Greek kindergartens -Pylos and Lefki- for collaborative christmas celebration

    10.Mr Beans family (8 members) holidays party singing "Jingle beans" on 12th December-PART 2

    9. Mr Beans family (8 members) holidays party singing "Jingle beans" on 9th December-PART 1


    8. Collaborative online writing of actostics among 3 french speaking classes: Lafrançaise, Ioannina and Dnipropetrovsk on 05 December:


    7. Kyiv hosts Santander on 29 November



    6. Third teachers meeting for formative evaluation and scheduling winter activities and  on 23 November (15 participants)


    5. Second teachers live event on 18 November 2016 for scheduling (5 participants)


    4. Chat meeting (collaborative writing): Ioannina Lafrançaise 14 November 2016


    3. Second classes meeting: Santander hosts Lafrançaise on Tuesday 15 November 2016

    Today Lafrançaise-France and Santander-Spain met in a video-conference.
    Thanks so much, Eric and pupils! We´ll try to meet other partners next time.
    My students have also post some comments.

    - Posted by Aránzazu Iturrioz Pardo, 15.11.2016


    2. First classes meeting: Santander, Kyiv, Petroupoli on Thursday 06 October2016



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    1. Teachers meeting (icebreaking) on Wednesday 28 September at night