A general assembly among students and teachers where pupils narrate their mobilities experience, introduce some works in English and teachers speak about the future activities of the project:

    meeting with parents:

    Meeting with parents 

    meeting with parents


     Informal letter to families to give them some information and advises about their sons and daughters' travel.

     Formal comunication  from the headmaster To inform teachers and pupils about Erasmus logo competition and invite them to partecipate and cooperate 

     Form for parents to accept the conditions of exchange of selected pupils 



      Comunication for erasmus mobilty (exchange of pupils )

     A presentation in PPT form to comunicate with all the educational community and to explain what is an erasmus partnership and which are the features of our project S7He's equal in Europe

    Letter to parents. A letter from the schoolmaster, published on the school website to inform about the begin of our Erasmus project