•                                ACTIVITIES FOR CHILDREN 2017

                This school year, teachers from all second classes and 3b class at Comprehensive School "Emilian Stanev" in Veliko Tarnovo took part in the charity initiative "For an unknown friend" proposed to them by their colleague Ana Laleva. The initiative aims to help by giving various teaching aids, materials and clothes to children in need. Parents were asked to prepare textbooks, materials or clothing instead of flower bouquets, according to what they could spare and thus took part in the initiative "For an unknown friend". The students were enthusiastic and excited, they also wrapped the donations as gifts.

    On October 7 students from 3b class visited one of the houses for the Center for Family-Type Accommodation in Veliko Tarnovo, Center for disadvantage children, Children’s hospital ward to deliver their gifts. The students are also involved in one of the international projects of Comprehensive School "Emilian Stanev" about gender equality "S/He is equal in Europe", which teaches empathy, tolerance and cooperation.

    • Тhank you letters


    • February 2017- Videoconference Bulgaria- Poland




    • Ping- Pong Story- Bulgarian children added their second paragraph

         ,,...Suddenly, the main guard of the castle stopped them and commanded to go back.        But the Polish Lord said that if they wanted to fight, he would gathered three times greater army than theirs. But the people, who had bewitched by Cloanta didn’t see another way to resolve the conflict, exept the war.

        The good and wise princess Leda decided to use the last bean –  the white one. The Peace! She called the white fairy and asked her to help them in that complicated conflict between the Goodness and the Evil. Immediately, the fairy of the peace came and asked all the people for a silence. She said:

       ” Why do you want to fight, why do you want to have more victims? Isn’t it better to live in a peacefull country, where the people are friends, help and love each other. To work, to study and take care to their land. People have to become good, understanding, friendly, instead of being hideous, plump, scruffy, grumpy and nasty people?”...


    • March 2017 Grantmother's day


    •     March 2017- International Women's Day

         Traditionally, this holiday is always marked in Primary School.



    • March 2017 

         06.03 - 10.03 - Guests of SU "Emilian Stanev" were teachers from France, who visited a series of initial lessons related to gender equality. The following lessons were given:


         I A grade "Mother's Gift" - a lesson in Fine Art.

         II B grade "Different but Equal" - a lesson in a dark world.

         II V grade "The beauty of the seasons in the poetry of Elisaveta Bagryana - one of the first female poets in Bulgaria" - a lesson in literature.

        III B Class "Women in Mathematics" - a lesson in mathematics.

          Some of these lessons will be published in a Handbook on " S/he Equal in Europe" / Good Pedagogical Practices / which we prepare for  edition.

      Registration No: ISBN 978-619-00-0640-4


    At the end of the visit, French teachers, who also worked on European projects had a meeting with the team of teachers involved in the project

    "She / He Is Equal in Europe". In the discussion, they were familiar with the project's objectives and the activities that were carried out with the students, as well as exchanged experience of working on international projects.


         Students from the 2nd and 3rd grade  attended the National Military University "Vasil Levski". The purpose of the activity was to learn about   Women's Careers in Male Professions.

          The host of the visit was a Colonel, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nevena Atanasova, one of the first women graduates in  National Military University  and a national delegate of the Republic of Bulgaria to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Committee in Equality. The visit was reflected in the local media.

    • May 2017- Videoconference Bulgaria- Romania