• ROYAL VISIT We started the activities in September with a very special event. Doña Leticia, the Spanish Queen, visited our school. Teachers and children prepared a beautiful Erasmus+ corner for this visit. We explained the Queen, the ministre of Education and all the authorities about our Erasmus+ projects. They were really impressed for the quality and the impact of them. 

    After this important activity, we prepared more ones that  were carried out during this first quarter:

    INFORMATION MEETING for the families of the students who join  this project (3ºA-3ºB and 3ºC) in the current school year. 

    EXCHANGE OF PUPILS IN FINLAND 2 boys and 2 girls travelled to Finland in a Exchange of pupils.

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    VIDEOCONFERENCE with Poland in November, in which they participate in the students of the class of 6ºB and 5ºA, in her they talked about the things that they like each one of them. The students of 6ºB were able to chat with the Polish students who traveled to Almería last year. - 

     - 4th A-B classes have worked about  some women who are admirable for their work in society, from politicians to  writers, from athletes to successful singers. Pupils explained their biography and why they considerer these women are admirable. 



    EQUALITY COMPROMISE All the members of the educational community participated in the ceremony in which they signed the equality compromise. After that, they were named equality defenders  and they promised to defend it always at home, at school and in all walks of life.

    COMMEMORATION OF THE DAY AGAINST GENDER VIOLENCE - We prepared  coeducational workshops in which the families of the school collaborated, and in which the missions of the defenders of equality were initiated:
    - Fathers and mothers who collaborate  in the organization of activities which promote equality in the school. We want to say thank you to everybody who helps us in these tasks. 


    WEARING GLASSES  FOR EQUALITY- All the students made by themselves and  put on special glasses to see the world from the point of view of the others. With this activities we tried to encourage our pupils to think about other people feelings and to promote  the empathy.


    BEFORE CHRISTMAS WE WORK ABOUT TOYS AND GAMES- Children answered a questionnaire about toys and games no sexist and no violent. They prepared a decaloge about this type of present for Christmas and write everything in an Advent Calendar. Every day they read and comment about. Finally, they wrote different letters for Santa Claus and for the 3 Wise Men. 




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