• 16.1.2017                              Filling of questionnaire about games and toys, discussing non-violent and non-sexist toys. Results presented during the meeting in Poland.



    •Finnish children (in this survey 10-13 years of age) mainly receive toys on their birthdays or on Christmas.

    •They mostly prefer sport equipment, board games and Lego, although video games are also popular.

    •Only 32% of the students consider that there are different toys according to gender, and the absolute majority do not see gender as an option for playing with any kind of a toy.

    •Most of the children will play with their friends or siblings, and the company of an adult is very low when playing.

    •Children play inside or outside, and they mostly tidy their room, after playing, by themselves.

    •When they don´t use their toys anymore, they mostly give them to siblings or sell them, although some donate them to charity.

    •None of the girls are embarrassed to play with toys considered to be more appropriate for boys, and gladly it is visible that 85 % of the boys are neither embarrassed to play with toys considered to be “girl toys”.

    •The pupils see toy guns and sport activities more violent than video games, and that can correlate from the fact that the children mostly do not enjoy playing violent video games.

    •As a conclusion it can be seen that the differences between earlier gender roles in toys and playing, have changed. Children can play with toys that some years ago would have been embarrassing, and the popularity of video games seem to have decreased. The company of adults when playing could be more frequent, but gladly we can note that the children also have friends to play with.

    20.2.2017                              Filling of questionnaire about Equality in sports. Results presented during the meeting in Poland.

    The results of Risö skola:

    14 girls and 9 boys aged 9-11 answered this questionnaire

    100 % of them practice any sport, the most practiced sports are: Ice-hockey, cycling and football for boys and athletics, cycling and running for girls. Their favorite sports are those that they practice.

    100% of the pupils in this survey play together at school.

    As sports which can be practiced by men and women together, they mention athletics, football, fishing, riding, cycling and gymnastics.

    Sports that can be practiced by people with special needs are for example fishing, riding, basket and floorball.

    When asked for sports that can be practiced only by boys or men, or only girls and women, the pupils cannot give examples.

    When asked for three women who are famous for practicing sport, they mention Charlotte Kalla (country skier), Malin Baryard (jumper) and Nooralotta Neziri (runner).



    Once upon a time, there was a child called Carlitos. He was very funny and everyone loved him. But,
    one day he woke up and met a horrible witch called Cloanta. She was very ugly and no one liked her
    Carlitos lived in Almaria, the old name of Almeria. His father was a fisher. When he met the witch,
    Carlitos was at the sea with his father whose name was Ion.
    Day by day, Carlitos carried the fish from the sea home or to the fish market. Every time Cloanța
    would follow Carlitos to scare him and steal his fish.
    One day, the king of Alcazaba Castle ordered a lot of fish for the marriage of his only daughter.
    Thinking of big gain, Carlitos
    accepted the king`s offer, began to stuff his carts.
    Cloanța knew already about his arrival at the castle. Carlitos discharged the fish. In the meantime,
    Cloanța informed the guardians
    that Carlitos fish had been stolen. Suddenly, the guardians pounced over Carlitos and arrested him.
    They threw him in the dungeon, in the basement of the castle. The ing, as soon as he learnt what had
    happened, he sent his only daughter to give an order to the guardians to release poor Carlitos. The
    witch, who
    understood what was going to happen, ran quickly to the castle, she put a spell on the beautiful
    princess and took her figure.
    After that, she visited the young fisher. The minute he saw her, he fell in love with her.
    The horrible witch, Cloanta, had reached/achieved her goal and now she was about to implement her
    evil plan….