• 25.9.2016                          Arrival for some of the participating countries, children accommodated at the hosting families.


    26.9.2016                          The rest of the arrivals during the day, school activities offered for those arrived the previous day

    27.9.2016                          Welcome ceremony, teachers meeting, participating in workshops:

    • KiVa-school
    • Tablets in education
    • Three steps of special education


    28.9.2016                          Visiting The Elf Manor Tyynelä, guests together with grades 5 and 6, some of the hosting pupils in grade 4.



    Evening acitivities arranged by the Parent´s association


    29.9.2016                          Pupils participating in school lessons, teachers visit the Community Hall, the Community Hall,  the local community center Bjärgas with the open air museum and the school project "Time travel".

    30.9.2016                          Celebrating the National Parent´s Association Day, with “Reading Breakfast” at school.

    11.11.2016                        Video-conference between Finnish and Greek 6th grade pupils, discussions and presentations about hobbies, interests and questioning each other about their countries.          


    1-30.11.                             Working with a parallel project with Middle School “Horea, Closca an Crisan”, the bilateral cultural project “Equality Chain”.                                       

                          2-15.12.2016                        Making Christmas cards and greetings to participating        schools.