• 11-15.1.2016                    Working with anti-bullying themes in 1st , 2nd  and 4th grade, empathy and

                                           understanding others feelings, diversity is a value

                                           Working with logos and slogans for the project

    18-22.1.2016                    Working with logos and slogans for the project

    25.2.2016                        Summery of the project so far, demonstration of activities to come, as well as reporting

                                          from visiting Romania and Spain

    16.3.2016 Video-conference between Finnish and Romanian pupils, discussions and presentations  about countries and places they have visited, or would like to visit.                                       

    18.3.2016 The day of equality, Minna Canth´s day, pupils and teachers listening to a story about equality, presented by pupils from class 1.