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            About 100 pupils in Primary school wrote an essay " The women who i am thankful".

    •  January 2016- A pupils from 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade in Art classes took part with pictures in logo and slogan competition in Spain.
    • February 2016 - Videoconferеnce Bulgaria- Greece




    • March 2016- 8th of March- International women day, celebration



                          Our pupils from 6th grade involved in some activities with a their foreign friends. 

    • April 2016- Ping-Pong StoryThe first Bulgaria paragraf was added.

    ,,Cloanta was the happiest in the world, because she wasn’t different and isolated anymore. All the Almeria inhabitants were ugly and nasty people like her. She decided to kill Carlitos, who was the only one who suspected her evil plan.

    In the midnight, she entered the dungeon in the castle with a sharp dagger in her hand. Fortunately, she had forgotten that she was in

    the beautiful princess’ appearance. Carlitos opened his eyes and saw her. He hugged and kissed Cloanta. He told how much he missed and love her. At this moment she became the same ugly witch, she was before. "

    • May 2016- Videoconference Bulgaria- Finland




    • May 2016- Videoconference Bulgaria- Spain


    • June 2016 Videoconference Bulgaria -Turkey