• Creating the Ping Pong Story




    Preparing for the meeting in Brad for teacher – Roménia!

    Our students worked on creating the movie the school of Canedo, and the place where we live,  for the meeting in Brad . 

    Presentation : The Meeting in Brad ! 

    We had a fantastic time in Brad and wanted to share our experiences with our school teachers and students . We told them about this wonderful country , it´s amazing nature , warmhearted people, rich cultural heritage... and  also very useful activities we had. A lot of photos have been exposed in the foyer os our school.

    Teacher´s meeting !!

    The coordinator  Shared their experiences from Brad . 
    We discussed the tasks for the next meeting and decided which students wil represent Portugal in Almeria .




    MEETING IN ALMERIA- SPAIN  25-30 January 2016 


    Students and teachers were warmly welcome by the whole school community.
    The opening ceremony was chaired by Ms. Director and Coordinator of the Colegio  Gines Morata - Almeria .

    Cabo da Gata 

    Cabo da Gata There is a lighthouse from 1863. Cabo da Gata belongs to the National Park and is protected not only by Spain but also by UNESCO.



    Hollywood - Tabernas

    It is here , not in the United States, many westerns were filmed. Worth seeing " The Magnificent Seven " and then everyone can see the Spanish " Wild west". Mini Hollywood . Duels between cowboys and shots from revolvers


    We had a fantastic time in Almeria and wanted to share our experience with our school teacher and students. 
    We have prepared some information about the meeting for those who couldn´t come to the meeting presentation. 


    10 rules to combat gender equality in young people at home and school

    1) Male and female children should have the same duties and rights, valuing gender roles: equal work and of equal value;
    2) Not determine personal choices (objects, clothing, books and other) due to the social expectations of gender. Young people should strive for their individuality as people and not as "social machinery";
    3) Always use impartial communication and dissemination of gender (use in crafts, reviews, posters, letters and documents of the entity with gender inclusive language);
    4) All children / young people are free to choose their activities without gender stereotypes (boys can play with dolls and girls with cars and mechanical);
    5) Children / youth / adults should respect all people, regardless of their gender and / or sexual orientation;
    6) Parents should eliminate historical prejudices, such as, boys do not cry and place of woman's in the kitchen and / or taking care of children;
    7) Teachers should promote gender and role equality and roles and use recurrently in classroom language that promotes gender equality;

    8) To encourage responsible sexual behavior it is a duty of both sexes, preventing risk and promoting equality between lovers;
    9) Have a positive consideration for the other, stimulating a collaborative and caring relationship, regardless of gender;
    10) Split duties and responsibilities in order to support the individual and collective well-being partner.

    Our motto:
    - We must promote a world where we are socially equal, humanly different and totally free.
    - Gender equality is homework, it to respect and accept all the gender gap with equal opportunities and tasks.


    Group Work

    10 rules to combat gender equality in young people at home and school





    The last preparation for the meeting in Emilian Stanev , Veliko Tarnovo ,  Bulgária
    Everyone has been busy with the last preparation for the meeting in Bulgária  

    Meeting in Veliko Tarnowo was another great experience I have ever had. I had a chance to see incredible landscapes and experience a wonderful hot spring weather. We were touched by a part of a difficult Bulgarian history. We've also exchanged our experience connected with school curriculum and how do we include a problem of gender equality. We also discussed the matter of house chores and dividing them among amongst members of our families. It was unforgettable journey.


    Welcome Ceremony


    Students who participated in meeting:


    Questionnaires gear works

    Students answered a questionnaire with 8 questions and the results will be compared at the meeting of Bulgária .


    Video conferencing

    The students participated actively in the various video conferences
    They shared the experiences of the meetings, talked about the progress of the project, showed videos about the school, sang and exchanged emails.

    It was a great activity for all of them to break the prejudices against friends from different cultures.





    Assistant: Plautila Loureiro e Cristina Canhã


    We had a fantastic time in Greece and wanted to share our experiences.


    Welcome Ceremony


    Songs for equality


    Mrs. Alexandra Tsiavou, Olympic and world rowing champion


    The headmaster of the school Filiates - 1st Primary School "Constantinos Zappas"




    Gifts offered by Portugal


    We were met by all teachers and students of Greek partners at school garden and presented some gifts.



    Checking the time line. Main problems partners have.

    Activities that have been changed - reasons.

    Activities that could not be done, justification.

    Analysing the results of evaluation of meetings.

    Strategies for dissemination of the project.




    Music and dance activities with Greek students and teachers and playing traditional Greek dance Sirtaki altogether.



    The group of participating teachers







    MEETING FINLAND - Riso Skola - 26th - 30th of September 2016


    The first plane trip



    First day of activities



    Welcome ceremony in the town hall

    Teachers visit the Town Hall

    The local community center Bjargas

    Guided tour and information about the open ais museum and the school project "Time travel"


    Presentation with the song made by the students



    Classroom Activities

    Workshops for teachers

    1 - Kiva-school in theory

    2- Kiva-school in practice

    3- 1.1; tablets in daily school work

    4- Three steps of special education

    Meeting media



    Candy offer





    Our students together with the teachers had memorable meeting

    Celebrating the National Parent's Association Day


    We were welcome by the principal of the school and offered some food and drink


    Finnish students danced and sang for their guest.

    Presentations about Finland and the school.

    We visited all departments of this great school, made workshop observations and got information about their education programmes.

    Workshop for Teachers:

    Information about Kiva-school programme that make Finnish education system one of the best in the world and implementations of it in theory and practice.

    Use of tablets in daily school works in finland.

    Three steps of Special Education in Finland. *Some presents to the guests from Finnish Partners.




    We had a fantastic time in Poland - Lubzina and wanted to share our experiences with teachers and students.  We told them about this wonderful country, it´s amazing nature, warmhearted people, rich cultural heritage ... and also very useful activities we had. A lot of photos have been exposed in the foyer of our school.









    We, as teachers and students had a city tour and dinner together and taken lots of photos for nice memories.

    It was so nice to see the architecture and effects of our ancestors, the Ottomans, in this complex.


    Welcome Cerimony at School



    Gift Exchange


    The market