• The cooperative ping-pong story was started during meeting in Almeria. On 26th January, visitors students in Almería and their Spanish hosts met on the computer room. They created a cooperative document in Google drive  -using the @colegioginesmorata account- and they agreed about the first paragraph of the ping-pong story.

    Later, the ping-pong story traveled in every country where a new paragraph was added. 




    Final paragraph, during meeting in Poland- April 2017

    When they were thinking what to do  Najko Sajko told Princess Leda and Carlitos the sad story of his life. When he was a little boy, his twin sister and him stole the book of spells from the house of famous wizard. They were so impressed with his knowledge and power they wanted to be like him and to be like him they had to learn the spells, so they stole the book and were playing, saying spells. They were not aware that the one spell they whispered will be so powerful to became true… That is how he became hare, he did not know what happened to his little sister and now, when the spell was gone his only wish was to find out what happened to his sister.

    They decided to go to the castle thinking how they could find peace. Finally they arrived to the castle and when they entered the gates Najko Sajko said with excitement – this is my family castle, I was born and raised here, I want to see my family so badly, and then Princess Leda discovered that Najko Sajko was her uncle, the missing brother and she hugged him. But all of the sudden they were split up by the guards who were tracking them for a long long time. They were taken by force to the evil King who wanted to kill them. All of a sudden Najko Sajko shouted – brother, you are my brother and this is your beautiful daughter, don’t hurt us. But Cloanta who has taken the Kings appearance wasn’t listening. Princess Leda didn’t know how King could forgot her, she cried and said don’t you remember saying to me every night:

    Twinkle, twinkle, little star
    How I wonder what you are
    Up above the world so high
    Like a diamond in the sky
    Twinkle, twinkle little star
    How I wonder what you are

    And Najko Sajko joined her as it was the song his father was singing to him as well.

    And the unexpected thing happened, the King was changed to Cloanta who was crying. Brother, she said, my brother Najko Sajko and run into his arms. The spell was gone, Cloanta who became a witch long time ago, during the play with Najko Sajko, turned into good fairy and with that all the spells that were put on the city, disappeared and Almaria became beautiful city with good , hard-working people again and they all lived happily ever after.

    Twelveth paragraph-February 2017- Bulgaria

    Suddenly, the main guard of the castle stopped them and commanded to go back. But the Polish Lord said that if they wanted to fight, he would gathered three times greater army than theirs. But the people, who had bewitched by Cloanta didn’t see another way to resolve the conflict, exept the war. 

    The good and wise princess Leda decided to use the last bean –  the white one. The Peace! She called the white fairy and asked her to help them in that complicated conflict between the Goodness and the Evil. Immediately, the fairy of the peace came and asked all the people for a silence. She said:

    ” Why do you want to fight, why do you want to have more victims? Isn’t it better to live in a peacefull country, where the people are friends, help and love each other. To work, to study and take care to their land. People have to become good, understanding, friendly, instead of being hideous, plump, scruffy, grumpy and nasty people?”.


    Eleventh paragraph-January 2017- Poland

    Princess Leda was trying to solve the mystery. She was thinking about the weirdest animals. All of sudden, she thought of the hare which is a rare species in Spain. Leda said about it to fairy right away, but she just nodded and disappeared. -How can hare save the world?- thought Leda. She set off to find an animal  together with Carlitos. After a long time they found it near the lake. The princess fed it with love and patience and then she went to the king to give him a "gift". While they were walking along the town they saw suffering and sadness of people. She promised herself that she had to destroy Cloante and help the people. The princess couldn't get into the castle because there was a magical gate which couldn't be passed by any animal. Sad princess went with the hare to the forest to find some food for it. In the meantime, she was thinking about the name for it. She thought about her great- grandfather's name. -Najko SAJKO- she said. Suddenly, something strange happend to the hare. It jumped out of her hands and started growing and changing into a human. The princess and Carlitos were very shocked. -What happened to you?! - they asked. -I am Najko SAJKO- the Polish Lord. I will help you to kill  the bad king- he said. They went to the castle. Now they could pass the gate. They didn't know that there were  trops on their way…

    Tenth paragraph-December 2016- Turkey

    They arrived in Almaria with the hope that everything would be fine.Whole inhabitants of the town were in dirt and squalidity because they were turned into  hideous, dwarfish,plump, scruffy, grumpy and nasty people by Cloanta,the witch.Streets were full of garbage,the crops were not picked up, the grass in the gardens was not mowed,the life in the town  stopped because nobody went to school,work or anywhere.Princess Leda and Carlitos never lost their hope thanks to the gifts fairies presented them.They got down to business to save the city from the evil witch.First of all,they had to break the spell that Cloanta put so that they could become happy,lovely,hardworking and polite people as in the old days.Princess Leda chose a blue bean this time from the little bag, planted it and waited.The bean growing fast turned into a fairy like the others. She asked the princess what she wanted, and the princess said that she w


    anted her city to be fine as in the old days.After this wish,the fairy presented her the gift of patience and said “Only you can succeed it,dear Leda,I can only show you the way of success,so I will ask you a riddle and if you find the correct answer you can defeat her with the patience in 

    your hand.” to Princess Leda.Then,the fairy told her the 


    “ Has long ears and a small tail,

     Gets confused when seeing the hunter,

    Catch it and feed with patience and love,

    Present it to evil King as a gift

    When she touch it, you will defeat

    Nineth paragraph-November 2016- Italy

    The shepherd heard all the story and decided to reveal his true identity.  He was a good wizard who was quite old so he had retired on that mountain to live in loneliness. He already knew Cloanta and how evil she was, that’s why he decided to help Princess Leda.

    He gave her a bag with coloured beans, she had to plant them when she needed help, but she had to associate the right colours and the combination was up to her. Princess Leda thought and thought, then she decided: she chose three beans one green, one white and another red,  she planted them and after a while three fairies were born from these beans. They took her to a cave but it was closed. She called Carlitos and then she heard him. The three fairies gave her some gifts: the white fairy gave her peace, the red courage and the green hope. Leda with the gift of courage entered the cave and found Carlitos. With the gift of hope they started their  trip towards Almeria. Now they could use only the

    gift of peace…


    Eighth paragraph-October 2016- Finland

    …a cave up in the mountains. On her way to the cave, she met an old shepherd, who was very poor and hungry. He did not ask for any food, but the princess felt very sorry for him, so she offered him to share a meal with her. He was very thankful, and while they were eating, he asked her why she looked so troubled. She told him everything about her
    love for Carlitos and about the evil witch

    Seventh paragraph- September 2016- Cooperation among partners in Finland

    The war/attack continued for a few days. The last day the King died. He was killed with a sword in his heart. After three days there was a new king. It was the evil witch Cloanta who had taken his appearance. She had a new evil plan, to kill the beautiful princess. The princess had already escaped to look for Carlitos. He had managed to escape to …….

    Sixth paragraph- May 2016- Portugal

    .... and laughed out loud...ah ah ah ah ah!

    While the witch was preparing to cast a spell to Carlitos there was a strange sound coming from outside. The castle was being attacked by pirates.

    The Alcazaba Castle was constructed on the ruins of a Roman fortification and the Alcazaba's original purpose was as a defence against pirates, thanks to its commanding position with views over the city, down to the sea and across to Africa.

    With so much noise and confusion, Carlitos managed to escape from there.


    Fifth paragraph- April 2016- Cooperation among partners in Bulgaria

    Cloanta was the happiest in the world, because she wasn’t different and isolated anymore. All the Almeria inhabitants were ugly and nasty people like her.

    She decided to kill Carlitos, who was the only one who suspected her evil plan.

    In the midnight, she entered the dungeon in the castle with a sharp dagger in her hand.

    Fortunately, she had forgotten that she was in the beautiful princess’ appearance. Carlitos opened his eyes and saw her. He hugged and kissed Cloanta. He told how much he missed and love her. At this moment she became the same ugly witch, she was before.

    Fourth paragraph- March 2016- Spain

    Cloanta thought that she was so ugly and creepy that nobody loved her, nobody wanted to be her friend, she felt lonely, sad, different, isolated… she decided to create a potion to  turn everybody from  Almaria in  hideous,  dwarfish,  plump, scruffy, grumpy and nasty people.

    After that,  Cloanta put the potion in Carlitos’ fish. These fish would be cooked for the feast of the princess’ wedding.

    The day of the wedding, all the city inhabitants were at the feast and after eating the fish they all were hideous, dwarfish,  plump, scruffy, grumpy and nasty people.

    Third paragraph- February 2016- Greece

    They threw him in the dungeon, in the basement of the castle.  The king, as soon as he learnt what had happened, he sent his only daughter to give an order to the guardians to release poor Carlitos. The witch, who understood what was going to happen,  ran quickly to the castle, she put a spell on the beautiful princess and took her figure.
    After that, she visited the young fisher. The minute he saw her, he fell in love with her. The horrible witch, Cloanta, had reached/achieved her goal and now she was about to implement her evil plan….


    Second paragraph- February 2016- Romania

    Carlitos lives in Almaria, the old name of Almeria. His father is a fisher. When he met the witch, Carlitos was at the sea with his father whose name is Ion. Day by day, Carlitos carried the fish from the sea home or to the fish market. Every time Cloanța would follow Carlitos to scare him and steal his fish.

    One day, the king of Alcazaba Castle ordered a lot of fish for the marriage of his only daugther, thinking of big gain, Carlitos accepted the king`s offer, began to stuff his carts. Cloanța knew already about his arrival at the castle. Carlitos discharged the fish. In the meantime, Cloanța infformed the guardians that Carlitos fish had been stolen. Suddenly, the guardians pounced over Carlitos and arrested him.


    First parragraph- January 2016- Cooperation among partners in Spain


    Ping-pong story - final version English and Romanian, May 2017
    Ping-pong Story - Portugal
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