• The first trainig event took place in Almeria (Spain) in January 2016- 


    Presentations about trainig in Almería: Teaching equality, Using ICT to promote equality, Coaching for teachers.


    The main objective of this training event was providing teachers with tools to promote equality and coeducation in their classrooms.

    Activities and task carried out in Almeria: 

    -Conferences: -coaching for teachers. Can teacher's behaviors promote equality in the classroom?. Body language control in order to create an ambiance of confidence among students. Active listening and student's motivation.

    -Analysis of the co educational project in CEIP "Gines Morata". This project was awarded the third national prize "IRENE: la paz empieza en casa" in 2010.

    - Discussions and round tables: the role of the teacher in the classroom. How can teachers promote equality? activities and behaviors that should be discarded.

    -Workshops: Proposals for co-educational activities, practical examples, preparation of activities.

    - Using ICT to promote equality, cooperative work

    - Practical Activities with pupils. Visiting classes.

    Create and propose motivating activities in order to promote equality among their students.

    - Identify unsuitable situations to create an ambiance of confidence in classroom.

     - Use ICT in class to carry out different types of activities in every subjects.

    - Control their behavior and body language to promote equality among their students.

    - Use Google apps an other tools in classroom activities: google classroom, LucidChart, MindMeister, etc.

    - Share and cooperate using google docs.

    - Create and use a blog for educational purposes.

    - Identify opportunities and possibilities in etwinning pages and projects to promote contact with other schools.


    The second trainig event was set in Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria) in April 2016


     Example for filling in the mobility pass
    The main objective of this training event was to promote equality, using Bulgarian traditions in past and now, the role of the woman in male careers, comparing the equality in Middle ages and in our days.
    Activities and task carried out in Veliko Tarnovo: 
    1. Teachers training- lectures about:
    • “Women in male profession”
    • “Medieval women”
    1. Summarizing the following project activities
    • Analyzing school curriculum
    • Most frequent women names in each country
    • Who does the housework
    1. Practical activities with pupils
    • Male and female spaces in the city
    • Men and women in Bulgarian traditions
    Visiting the historical part of the city
    Interesting information about KIVA program and Finnish education after meeting in Finland. 


    Some of the basic ideas about KIVA:

    - Talking on class about feelings, corrects habits at school and at home, how do you want to be treated....

    - Focus on the people who supports the leader (those who see but don't act to defend the victim)

    • The victim should have tools to stop this situation in a pacific way.

    • A responsible teacher controls always the situation inside and outside the classroom (during breaks, lunch time, etc.) S/he writes down everything that can be interesting in the case.

    • The Kiva monitor asks the victim. Them, s/he interviews the supporters (it's important they don't have any contact among them and with the leader during the interviews)

    • The leader is called and advised about her/his conduct after have all the information from the victim and supporters. Finally the leader has to sign the compromise of modify her/his behavior.