National Collaborative works

  • Italian Students

    Italian students work together to raise awareness about the importance of the bees.

    Every year since 2018, italian students celebrate World Bee Day on 20th May. Bees are really important for the ecosystem because they are pollinator. Pollution is creating a lot of problems to the bees, so they need to raise awareness about that.

    Students ask the collaboration to their Municipality. They accepted and they decided to buy a bee friendly flower for each student's.

    Students prepare the world bee day learning about the bees, preparing handmade gadgets working in group and finally they create a presentation to resume all the activities.

    We create a collaborative google slides:

    Tunisian Students

    We have made a collaborative google slides in which each pupil has a slide to write a question and 3 suggestion (one is true and 2 are falses) about the climate change, its causes, effects and why not its solutions.

    Then we have converted this game to a real one using wordwall tool collaboratively.