Project Overview

  • Cultivating mental awareness takes time and practice. Reevaluate ourselves and our values, avoid negative thought patterns, and take steps to find balance in day-to-day life.
    That’s why, we want to make our pupils aware that our behaviors affect deeply and irreparably the environment. They should think about an alternative behaviors more illustrative to the environment.
    In fact, our purpose is to produce a "Green Behavior Code" to spread around in the community, families, other schools.
    The code will be done through Scratch program
    Pupils will vote for the best “Green Behavior Code” that will be our commitment to protect our environment.



    At the end of the project the students will be able to:

    -Raise awareness about environment and lifestyle

    -Promote diversity and make them more appreciative of what they have. 

    - Learn how to program a concrete code.

    - Develop the pupils’ coding Skills

    - Develop students’ entrepreneurial behavior and attitudes.

    - Train pupils to be active membres in civil society

    Key Competences (Students):

    -Improving problem-solving and decision-making skills,

    -Engaging in cooperation,

    -Stimulating creative activity,

    -Being more responsible

    -Developing critical thinking while searching, selecting, organizing and evaluating information,

    -Enhancing the LEADERSHIP

    Key Competences (teachers):

    - Development of competences (knowledge, skills) in Science,

    - Mutual support in introducing learning environment in working with children.

    - Improving the LEADERSHIP

    Expected Results

     By the end of the project, students have :

    1. created positive behaviors and habits, 

    2. discovered new online apps and tools,

    3. worked collaboratively. 

    → We have common products, as a result of our collaborative work: 9 collaborative Scratch codes : Final Products