Who are we?

  • Who are we

    1. Each class take a photo of themselves, turn it into a jigsaw puzzle using jisawplanet.com and add the link on the TwinBoard below.

    2. Partners click on the links to do the jigsaw puzzles and meet partner classes.  

  • Discover our Class

    Pioneer middle school, Sfax Tunisia Class Photo
    the class photo of Colegio Diocesano Asunción de Nuestra Señora (Spain)
    Romanian students from Colegiul Național „Petru Rareș", Beclean

    We are learning online, but happy to collaborate with you all..

    D. Alighieri secondary school Merlara (Italy) Our classroom
    Merlara Lower Secondary School

    Here a photo of our school

    Here a map of Italy.

    Look at the red flag! We live there!