Idea Process

  • The idea consists in creating a Green Behavior Code using Scratch program.

    In fact,

    1/ Students use forums to brainstorm about the misinformation related to the nature and search the right news. This activity  helps them acknowledge the benefits of digital communities and resources while guiding them to successfully navigate potential pitfalls in their digital lives.

    2/ Students use Pixton to create class per team, in which they create creative stories related to nature and green. This activity helps them enhance their imagination and offers them new original ideas to be used later in coding


    3/ Students use the images already created in their Pixton teams as backdrops to their scratch codes. In fact,

       * Romanian students of each team start coding an idea related to the Earth protection then they share them to the Scratch Studio of their team

       * Italian students open the last code, click on REMIX button then they continue developping the romanian idea by adding their thoughts/

      * Tunisian students open the italian code, click on REMIX button then they continue coding.

      * Finally, Spanish students open the tunisian code, click on REMIX  and complete coding.

    ---> Each team will have its GREEN BEHAVIOR CODE. (Link)

    ---> We obtain 9 Scratch codes (Link)

    ----> A live Event is scheduled to vote for the best code to be our commitment as a Green Behavior. (Link)