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  • Tunisian NSO Webinar

    Presentation our participation in Safer Internet Day 2021 in a tunisian national webinar organized by tunisian NSO.
    Our participation in SID 2021 was concretized through a video conference between the students of the project.

    It was about creating a LIVE Code Of Conduct to surf the net and Twinspace wisely.


    Regional conferences: 

    On 24th of February 2021, 37 teachers  of Romanian language and literature from Bistrița-Năsăud county were present for our dissemination. The topic of the debate was „Online tools for interactive teaching and learning” and we disseminated the use of Scratch in our eTwinning European project.Presenting the project on county level: 23 participants from different schools located in Bistrița-Năsăud county. The topic of this presentation, from 18th of February 2021: our first online meeting, the use of Scratch in education and the 17 Global Goals. 

    On 25th of February, presenting the project for the Bistrița-Năsăud County School Inspectorate (10 teachers, from 10 different schools). The meeting was moderated by the Inspector for Educational Projects from our County.


    7th Unconference Creative Classroom

    Our project "Green Behavior Code" was been presented in the 7th unconference Creative Classroom to put in evidence our students works on Digital law and etiquette, and disinformation as well.
    This video resumes our activities integrating the annual theme "Media Literacy and misinformation"  

    U Innovate Network for Teachers 

    Our project was been presented in the National webinar moderated by Tunisian English Inspectors. The webinar is named "U-Innovate Network for Teachers" and our project was been selected as a good praxtices for Revising PBL in the New Normal.
    The speakers are Emese Cimpean and Imen Taktak Marzouk



    Europe Code Week Teach Meet 13 October 2021

    Our project was presented in CodeWeek OnlineBootcamp through the teach meet taken place on wednesday 13 Ocotober 2021 at 18am CET.
    Our project was an example of good practices of International Collaboration Coding using Scratch.

    Tunisian eTwinning Webinar hosted by NSO Tunisia and ambassadors 


    Dissemniation of the project in the National eTwinning webinar animated by NSO Tunisia and the tunisian ambassadors. 

    The project was presented as a good practice of the eTwinning annual theme "Media Literacy and Disinformation" 

    eTwinning Ambassador Event


    It was an eTwinning Ambassador European Event as a good practice for developping Teachers digital Skills through the eTwinning project "Green Behavior Code".

    This is the recording:


    Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2021 Newsletter11

    "Green Behavior Code" project was selected as an article in the "Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2021 Newsletter11" entitled " Modelling Awareness Solutions for Environmental Issues Through eTwinning". Page 80

    This is the link of the Newletter https://online.pubhtml5.com/xzfd/isvk/


    Inspiring project as a good practice in codeweek

    Congratulations, our project was selected to be as a good practice of coding in code week. It was published as an article in code week blog via this link https://blog.codeweek.eu/green-behavior-code/

    It was retweeted by @CodeWeekEU