Final Green Behavior Code

  • We program a partners meeting in which we discuss and schedule our final Green Behavior Code. In fact, we achieve an online meeting between all the students:

    1/ to vote for the best Green Behavior Code between 9 teams (9 codes achieved collaboratively).

    2/ We have used as a tool for voting the Mentimeter

    3/ The vote was realized LIVE while the online meeting among students of the project.

    4/ The code which obtains the high number of votes is the code of Team8 : it represents our Green Behavior for our project as an international commitment to be respected by all the members of the project.

    5/ The code of Team8 was created collaboratively by 5 Romanian Students, 3 Spanish Students, 2 Italian Students and 4 Tunisian Students; it was about creating a TV emission in which they discuss about different environmental issues and trying to find solutions to them.
      5.1. The code was created in 5 stages :
    Link for the work process 

     ***1st stage: a brainstorming activity in which students of team 8 concretise their opinions and ideas by creating stories with the suitable avators using Pixton. Link ...

     Other stages are done by Scratch program collaboratively through the following Link

    ***2nd stage: starting coding with romanian students talking baout some issues related to natural ecosystems.  Link

     ***3th stage: italian students click on REMIX button and continue coding to find solutions for these problems. Link

     ***4th stage: tunisian students click on REMIX button and continue coding, thinking about creating a TV emision "Save the planet" talking about problems of nature and solutions to save our environemment  from pollution. Link
     ***5th stage: spanish students click on REMIX button and completing coding by adding the causes of greenhouse gases and proposing solutions for these issues.

    5.2. And this is our Green Behavior Code created by the students of Team8