Team4: Working on Land Pollution








    Forum (group 4)

    Scratch Studio (group 4)

    Pixton (group 4)



    José Pablo López

    Jorge Merino

    Visentin Giacomo

    Roca Karina

    Edaou Nora



    Mahdi Abdelkefi



     Team 4 Work Schedule


    1/ Working on Forums


    Students start their work by  a brainstorming activity about Media Literacy and Misinformation in which they share their strategies of images analysis. In fact, they access to the Team4 Forum The Link, inorder to focus on the following image and tell us if it's a true or fake news, with justification.

    This small activity is to learn about Media Literacy helps you acknowledge the benefits of digital communities and resources while guiding you to successfully navigate potential pitfalls in your digital lives.

    And these are some screenshots of students interaction in their Team Forum.

    2/ Creating Stories with Pixton

    Students of Team4 use Pixton to create creative stories related to nature and green. This activity helps them enhance their imagination and offers them new original ideas to be used later in coding.

    ** These are the students comics of Team4:


    3/ Collaborative Green Behavior Code

    Students of Team4 use the images already created in their Pixton teams as backdrops to their scratch codes. In fact, a scratch studio is created for Team 4 to let team's members code collaboratively. (Link)


     A/ Romanian students of Team 4 start coding an idea about recycling and some rules to decrease polution then they share it  into the Scratch Studio of their team. (Link)

     B/ Italian students open the last code, click on REMIX button 

    then they continue developping the romanian idea by enriching the dialogue between the sprites with some other rules. (Link)

    C/ Finally, Tunisian students open the italian code, click on REMIX button then they continue coding by adding some illustrative backdrops and sprites related to the topic. (Link)


    And This is the final code written collaboratively by the students of TEAM4: (Link)